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  1. Dude! Have you seen the thread with the Cowboys war room when we selected Tak. Jerry Jones face, lol... looked like he died inside. lol...
  2. I agree. Talk about a p*ssed off owner in Dallas if we still both there targeted first and second round guys, lol...
  3. Be real funny if we trade up in the first in front of Dallas for Tak, then trade up in front of Dallas for Obi.
  4. Would love that, but if we double up, no way we're staying in the second round. It would be 2 thirds, we trade down more than one pick, we're in the third round. Still would be a good move...
  5. Just saying.... http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2017-nfl-mock-draft-second-round-picks-include-dalvin-cook-deshone-kizer/ Just saying, I don't believe too much in these after the fact second round mock drafts but this one has Obi Melifonwu coming mighty close to our pick, he's in range if they want to still be aggressive. I do think they were really targeting him. We end up picking Marcus Williams, still a great pick up.
  6. Yeah, I know I didn't see that. Don't think I've even seen anyone on here even mock him in there draft. Was still an excellent pick up.
  7. Yep, been saying that exact thing all year...
  8. Honestly, I think it's going to end up being Duke Riley. The way things have gone I do think it's a strong possibility that Dan Feeney will still be there, you never know. I think as far as specific targets, they want Obi Melifonwu, depends on how aggressive they are prepared to be trading up. My sleepers are Eddie Jackson and Anthony Walker Jr.
  9. I'm a fan, I think he's going to be a great player but all of his positives are from versus the same 3 to 4 guys, his "good vs the run" was versus the same exact tackle. That part of this "scouting report" is more close to a lie, yes everybody has there opinions and at the end of the day that's what all of this is, but it's blatant, you put up 3 clips of him versus the same guy, the guy is probably an insurance adjuster or something and say he's good against the run. That is his knock, he isn't good versus the run. He's a good player, but this scouting report really is probably more close to a hype video. They have his rating right, and I still want him on my team, just delivering my two cents....
  10. Bug Howard in the 7th, yes please....
  11. Dude, there is NO position in football where that's the ONLY thing that matters man...
  12. Everything else was legit, understand the Hall pick, just think it's early. Would have liked to know how the first round went down
  13. Hall was a reach by at least a round and a half IMO. You would have taken him at 31, wow. I'd like to see how that first round went down.
  14. Been saying this all offseason, our starting right guard is already on the team. Schweitzer. In any case none of these guys are given you anything better than him and Thorton.