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  1. If I could just hold Blank for ransom, and the payment was them drafted this dude with our first pick I'd at least think about it man.... I WANT THIS GUY!!!!
  2. I don't think any of those QBs are going that high
  3. lol, I said could not saying that's the best place. I do think he would still excel there. I'm just saying picking Solomon Thomas makes sense. That's all I'm saying, if at 2 he's the best player and they like him more than Allen it makes sense. To me for them its between those 2 guys or they trade out. That's how I see it.
  4. okay, if you say so, I don't know that much of the ends and outs, don't pay that much attention to the 9ers, just know they want to go with more a 4-3 look. Definitely, if you can 2 gap full time, you can 2 gap full time. For the most part don't matter where you line up at if you can do that on the early downs. Buckner for sure could play right over the nose, for sure he ain't restricted no where, lol... not so sure about Armstead or Thomas.
  5. lol... here we go. Didn't you just go back and forth with me not to long ago on the differences between a 4 and a 5 and a 3 and all of that. Like, these guys are really that restricted. This 5 can't be a 4, this 4 can't play the A gap and all. They just came from a 3-4. I remember you being adamant that 3-4's don't have guys who "play 5", like they are that restricted. Here we go, lol...
  6. There going to more of a 4-3 defense. All 3 of those guys are diverse enough to play anywhere along that type of front.
  7. Only pick I totally disagree with is the second round cornerback. Considering who might still be available I can see us picking up Feeney (it could happen), the rookie QB coming in to be groomed could happen and Webb is a good college QB, I like the Jaleel Johnson pick actually probably your best pick. But the idea of needing a nickel corner is flat out incorrect, Corn Elder is a very good corner but the pick would be a waste. The 7th round corner if he comes in a competes would be a solid pick. I give it a C-, could be a B+ or even an A if you would have gotten a pass rusher within the first 2 picks.
  8. You might not want to have "other" as an option OP, a team can't draft "other", just saying in the event that for some odd reason it receives the most votes.
  9. Okay dude whatever you say. Didn't know I was asserting that they want to do that. All caps and all, "YOU ARE", lmao, what... Okay. Learned a long time ago not argue with stuff like this.
  10. Honestly, your not honoring my belief. And nobody here has proof of what they would do come May. What are you talking about? They have attempted to trade up every year in the first since Quin has been here. The deal just wasn't there.
  11. Trading up for Reddick could be like the Juilo trade. Only the next year we don't waste a whole draft on busted out players because the coach actually knows what he wants and both him and the GM are in lock step as far as there goals for the team. The only reason the Julio trade hurts so much is because of 2012. I'm just reading the tea leaves in a way. I keep hearing our GM boast about how well our roster is and how we really don't have anything major to do to it. To me that reads we can afford to give up picks to add a major piece in an area of our team and if this happens the next year won't be 2012 because they have a definitive direction and identity for the team. Again, not banging on the table for this too happen. Just kind of trying to peek at the words between the lines here.
  12. No, that's the main reason this might happen. They target PLAYERS, not draft positions. There successful from actually targeting specific players, not just picking whoever is "best" there at the time. If he's your guy, he's your guy regardless of what "ranking" he has. They don't go "best value", especially early. There are a number of guys they have tried to trade up for, the compensation just didn't match. One thing they don't do is sit back and pick whoever is "best" here at 31. TD and Quin have a specific FIRST ROUND GUY period! Either they are moving up to get him, or staying at 31 to pick him. If they are comfortable with giving up that, then they are pulling the trigger because they target players, not slots in the draft. I agree honestly, if I would choose I would not want them to make the trade. I just wanted to actually sit down and kind of see what it might look like considering who they appear to be targeting and what it would cost to move that far. Honestly, how the mock turned out, it wasn't too bad considering our current roster and what we might bring in. I wouldn't want the trade, but if our draft turned out like this, I wouldn't be irate.
  13. No, I was more thinking they would spread the compensation between this year and next year, like our 1st, 2nd, and 4th this year and next years 2nd and 4th or this years 1st, 2nd and next years 2nd, 3rd and 5th. Something like that. If they are trading up, all of the compensation to give the other team won't be all in this years draft.
  14. Still make sense. To get to say 12 it would take this years 1st, 2nd, maybe 4th and some picks next year depending on what they were. Not saying I'm for it, it's just apparent that doing this is in strong consideration.
  15. First of all I would like to say that I am not necessarily pulling for this to happen. Reasons this could very well happen: 1. Realistically we don't have any real holes. One could say the only real concern is adding a pass rusher. Chester did great at guard, and the real reason Chester was starting instead of Schweitzer this year is experience. People like to forget how tight of a battle for the starting right guard position was last year. 2. The pass rushers this year are deep. If they like a rusher and they could get him late like in the 3rd round with there concerns about RG being solved with Schweitzer and there 3rd round steal of a rusher that solves a lot. 3. Honestly, to me if there not picking up Forrest Lamp all of these other guards don't give you much more than what Schweitzer would give you. 4. Reddick's value in our defense will add more to our defense than anybody we would get at 31. We all know that this is a very real scenario. It just depends on where you think he falls in the draft. In my opinion Hasaan Reddick is a top 15 guy at this point. To me if we are trading up to get him the team will want our first plus another pick this year at least. That's what I think they would want as compensation given we have the 31st pick, practically a 2nd round pick. That is just considering this year, if we want to move that far we would most likely have to give up picks in next years draft as well. Given our teams interest in him, this is a very real scenario here. So say we trade up we give up some number of picks but mainly this years 1st, and 2nd. Again we are attempting to move into the top 15s, it's going to cost A 1st, 2nd, and some other pick might even be a more realistic scenario. Round 1: Trade up for Hasaan Reddick (Temple) LB- Round 3: Tanoh Kpassagnon (Villanova) DE- Great value and can generate pressure on our strong side of our defense (If gone pick here would be Hunter Dimick) Round 4: Jessamon Dunker (Tennessee State) OG- (might not exist in this scenario. Giving up our 1st, 2nd and this pick plus more might be the more realistic scenario to move from 31 to top 15) Good competition and depth at interior offensive line Round 5: George Kittle (Iowa) TE- To me a legit complete TE. We didn't bring back Jacob Tamme. Round 7: Johnathan Ford (Auburn) S- Depth at safety, contribute on special teams UDFAs: Top targets: 1. James McFarland LEO 2. Joshua Hosley CB 3. Joseph Yearby RB 4. Fish Smithson FS 5. Paul Magloire Jr LB (Arizona) 6. Fred Ross WR (Mississippi St) 7. Corey Smith WR (Ohio St) 8. James Flanders RB (Tulsa) 9. Tresdon Decoud CB (Oregon St) 10. Marcus Smith S (UGA) 11. Weston Steelhammer S (Air Force) 12. BJ Singleton DT (Houston)