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  1. TJax was a post june 1'st (Or whatever the new date is now) cut so his money isn't off the books, that'll pay for our draft class. If we give Tru a new deal it'll either not effect this year's hit or it will probably lower it. Contracts tend to be low in the first few years.
  2. There's never going to be a perfect solution. I think OT is fine the way it is. I liked that they changed it so you couldn't just get a fluky 20-30 yards and kick a FG, but if they go all the way down to the endzone then that's your own fault.
  3. Can you imagine all of the "Goodell made sure he wasn't handing Brady that trophy" arguments flying around? It would have been insane.
  4. Thank you, I steal from you quite a lot. hahah And I can't say I'd complain if draft weekend went down like that at all. I'm feeling more and more like Rivers is gonna be the guy, but I can't decide how I feel about him. You think he's a good one?
  5. Every team's fan base in the world thinks the refs are out to get them. If it was like you said they would have just called another penalty on the kick and given the Panthers their undefeated season. Why did they call all those penalties and then stop just one short?
  6. Glad to hear I wasn't crazy in what I was seeing. I was starting to wonder.
  7. How many of the guys on their team were even around then? At some point it stops working as a brag and just showcases how bad you've been since (Not bringing up that they cheated to do it - oops I just did). But yeah the Panthers literally lost the SB directly before us. At least we got there more recently.
  8. Saints and Panthers mocking us about losing in the SB is like a kid making fun of someone else for not being able to dunk when their own hands aren't even big enough to hold the ball.
  9. The Kittle being good part, or the part where I said not to draft him early? lol
  10. Because it's probably the second deepest position in the draft. That offers value in the mid rounds because there will still be great players there. As for Kittle, he's been my guy all along at TE. I feel like he's rocketing his draft stock out of our range though. We definitely don't need to spend an early pick on him.
  11. Everything ESPN puts out is either glaringly misinformed or painfully obvious. I'm not sure which is worse. Misinformed; We had a great run defense last season, we were just playing the pass a lot all the way at halftime because we were up by so much, so teams got garbage runs. It seems like I heard for about 8 weeks in a row all the way up to the SB that X team would be able to run all over us. And guess what, nobody did. The Eagles were the only ones that really beat us up on the ground last year. Obvious; Oh, the guy that lead the whole league in sacks also had the highest percentage of his team's sacks? Who would have ever thought that would happen? Not like there's a clear and obvious correlation there.
  12. Since when is Brooks Reed our primary Leo? Good read on Watt though. His competitiveness and willingness to learn and be a part of a strong locker room are all big in his favour with us.
  13. I also feel like it's going to be one of these two. We could definitely do worse.
  14. Tyler Starr. Mostly because I picked him out of the crowd of late round / UDFA faceless people and then we actually drafted him. All those reports of Quinn working late with him still haunt me. *Sigh*
  15. Honestly I have a weird feeling we go Rivers in the 1'st and a safety in the 2'nd (Probably Maye because of Q's connection). The last number of times I've gotten feelings about players in the draft, they were Julio, Tyler Starr, Vic, and Hardy (Just saying). I'd be okay with that, though I don't love Rivers. I also have a fear we go Lamp, though that's more a concern than anything I think will happen. After those two rounds I have no clue what we'll do. lol Also, just because I have to, we line up a lot in how we do mocks. I think we use the same site too. I just have a really strong feeling KPass is not getting out of the second. People reach way above rankings on measurables all the time. He's the only player I'm making my own draft slot ranking on. lol