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  1. Aldon was the most overrated player in the league while he was with the 9'ers. Whenever Justin Smith wasn't playing he did absolutely nothing. He couldn't get in the backfield to save his life without Justin.
  2. I appreciate you sticking to rankings, but I agree some of these are hard to fathom. I might have a heart attack if it happens though. (In a good way)
  3. I like Harris more than Barnett or Taco.
  4. For me, it doesn't come down to us "Needing" a TE. It's just that TE is one of the three deepest and most talented positions in the draft, right alongside safety and CB. If you're not picking at the deepest positions of a draft, you're missing out. You can get a 1'st round talent any other year in the 3'rd or 4'th round in this draft. You never know if another class like this will come along again, strike while the iron is hot and draft at the positions where the talent lies. Is TE a need? No. Could our offense be bettered with another good TE, and can that TE be had for a relatively low pick? Yes.
  5. There's a lot I don't agree with here.
  6. Blair Brown cracking the top 100. I guess I can say goodbye to us taking him in the 4'th or 5'th.
  7. Vic should be rushing the passer, wherever he lines up. That's for sure. I feel like you're locking people into certain spots too concretely. Vic, and really anybody, can be moved around as needed to exploit their strengths on any given snap. That's something Q likes to do a lot. I'm sure Campbell will be playing on the line some, but we need more than just him regardless, so why not just cut out the middle man and draft a Reddick or Bowser or Willis or Rivers and carve out the middle man. Don't get bogged down with titles too much. I'd rather get a Blair Brown or Reeves-Maybin later in the draft to back up Campbell/Debo, and grab someone that plays on the line in the early rounds too. Riley just doesn't fit what we need for where he's probably being drafted. If he lasts to the 4'th fine, maybe even the 3'rd. But I suspect neither will be the case.
  8. I'm not saying there's not differences, but a LEO is a midway ground between a 4-3 DE and a 3-4 OLB. It's about as close to the same position you can get between two positions on the football field. Bruce Irvin wasn't out there sprinting alongside RB's, but he managed. I think we're basically agreeing here. We both think we need more players at both of those positions. I just disagree that we don't have anybody on the roster than can play there. I think Vic and Reed fit there more than Campbell. In the end, this is my position. Don't change what's working. Campbell is a fine WLB in this scheme. There's no reason to move him to draft a WLB when we can just draft a SAM or LEO in the first place. There are a lot of guys in this draft good enough to play both of those positions. more good players than there are at stand-up LB'er. Campbell is a natural Will in our scheme, don't change what's working.
  9. I understand all this, but really they do a lot of the same stuff. They're on the line, usually rush the pass/play the run, but sometimes drop in coverage. Yes there's differences in how exactly they line up and all that, but realistically if a player can do one, he can do the other in this scheme. And Reynolds did play some last year. Debo's our only LB'er that never did. Worr lined up there quite often, surprisingly.
  10. Neither will be there, but hypothetically give me Peppers. Foster has done too much dumb stuff the last few months.
  11. The most important thing about making mocks, I've found, is sticking to your guns. It doesn't matter who else liked a pick, if you like it, it's perfect. Good thought processes, I agree with all this.
  12. Because the Panther's owner cried about how they had to do it last year. That was probably scripted too, he can be a ***** just like his team mascot.
  13. Nope not yet.
  14. Fair enough. It's good man, especially for a first time. Keep 'em coming next year. I'm not the biggest fan of the two top picks, but that's just me. I like Jackson and I like that you grabbed a RB. Love that you didn't reach for a guard.
  15. Can I ask what you perceive to be the difference in this scheme between LEO and SAM, as far as what jobs they'll be doing for us?