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  1. The Sucs and Panthers have been trying to pretend to be big rivals of ours for a while. The Panthers have gotten closer thanks to Cam, but it's always been and always will be the Ain'ts. The Bucs aren't even a thing.
  2. I seem to recall Aldrick dropping one or two, and I have a hard time believing Cobb didn't drop a single one of those.
  3. It's nice, but I will say the first can be misleading. Free and Shady are probably the two backs that best make the first tackler miss, so they probably helped that stat. The Titans though... Murray isn't running around anyone.
  4. Not sure Reynolds is a lock by any means. Also English said he's going to be a LEO, so I don't think he's competing with the other guys for a spot.
  5. I don't get this one. Either eliminate OT or keep it the length it was. This just makes things lopsided. I actually do like the idea of a FG kick-off, though. I'm always a fan of making ST more relevant.
  6. Grace is one of my players to watch. He's fast and willing to hit which automatically gives him a shot, and that's a fairly thin position on our team so he could do it. Might have found a real steal thanks to a very odd off the field thing.
  7. You're confusing me with someone else, which doesn't help you look any more on top of things.
  8. You've been asking other people to look stuff up, and I know you would too if you thought you could, but I'm glad you resorted to personal attacks instead.
  9. My question isn't irrelevant, you just know you can't answer it. Why worry about something that's never happened before? That's not logical.
  10. Name me the last draftee that was lauded as much as Tak for not doing drugs, who ended up having been doing drugs. I'll wait.
  11. I like that OP never replied to my point that Tak is lauded as a guy that doesn't do anything drug related. It's mentioned in the vast majority of every single thing I've read/watched about him. "He (Or I, if it's him talking) could have gotten into gangs, into drugs, into all kinds of things, but he didn't" is a line I've heard a lot since he was drafted. A lot. He's never been busted for anything, literally nobody has ever questioned him using drugs before except for a few people now worried about what he named his dog? But.... no response.
  12. Good for Campbell, Cravens too, I liked him a lot. I wonder how this compares to LB'ers in general. Is this still pretty poor in the grand scheme of things or is it quite good?
  13. For all intents and purposes, Turbo and Sanu play two different positions. Trying to nail down a 2 & 3 is as pointless as asking the question, "Who's the starter, Vic Beasley or Deion Jones?" They're just used in different ways and in different situations. Turbo doesn't need 3 WR sets to be on the field, because it's not like that, sometimes it's just him and JJ. If you want speed, you go Turbo, if you want a big, long body with better blocking, you go Sanu. It's useless to rank the two in terms of the depth chart. As for slot vs outside... that's what makes our WR's so incredibly deadly. JJ, Sanu, and Turbo can All play inside, outside, both sides of the field, bunched, wide, anything at all. They all move around a lot.
  14. Literally all of our picks were value outside maybe Harlow, and clear BPA. Riley fell further than he should have, and Kazee, Saubert, and Hill all would have gone much sooner in any other draft class, but fell because of how deep their groups were this year. It was perfectly executed by our FO. DE and LB'er were two of the thinner positions in the draft, so we grabbed them first, then just let the value fall to us. Harlow may have been more need than value, but I like his upside at least, which is as good as you were going to get at OG in this class.