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  1. Bugs me too. He's not trying to duplicate the D from Seattle, he is building his own defensive force the way he wants too. So far, its pretty d@mn exciting, and the best part, hes far from done yet. As Falcons fans, we are now really excited about our D. When was the last time THAT happened?
  2. The entire D-V-D of course, and Matt and Roddy, but most of all? #86 y'all FINN!!
  3. Understandable....
  4. I want to see him making plays. Not just laying someone out. I like what i see from Neal so far, but he needs to show he was worthy of that first round pick.
  5. 2 RB sets are always good Brandon but i hope it doesnt comr at the expense of our FB. I love the fact we are one of the few teams that still carry one, and a FB's importance is too often overlooked.
  6. This. I was one that wanted a 3 down back, and I believe Free can be one, but the fact that we can just whip Teco off the sideline for a bit of electricity, is beyond useful. I would like to see Free and Teco on the field together more, make defenses pee their pants!
  7. Hope we get that ring for you big man. Wanted it for Roddy. Hope what you have done for our team is more appreciated by the FO than the blood, sweat and tears Roddy gave.
  8. I really really hope he gets another HC job be it this one or another. GL Smitty, we're thankful for what you did for us! Class act.
  9. I dont take Gameday Morning too seriously, that said its one of my favorite shows. Irv will pick his cowboys every week and take a gazillion selfies, but i wouldnt have it any other way. Hes a great character. You cant help but love Irv. They all play off each other wonderful, and Rich is a great host. Maybe im the only one who feels like this, and if so, i'll happily lone wolf. OOOOWWWWWWWWWW
  10. Edit, double post, sorry y'all
  11. Thing is, it feels like we've been waiting for our defense to develop the last 8 years. The pain is real. I'll say this though, ive seen more fire and passion out of our defensive guys this year than i have all 8 combined. If Quinn is behind that, im willing to wait a ittle longer. Just dont play with us DQ!
  12. Harrison is the fool who brings out the power rankings each and every week. Need I say more
  13. I dont want to lose to the taints, EVER, I dont care if it does end up bring a meaningless game. Because no game against those swamp rats ever is.
  14. Falcon commitment, LIKE IT! I just wish the rest of Atlanta had as much enthusiasm for our Birds as you do my man. We are kickin *** and takin names this year, yet im still seeing too many empty seats. I know ATL traffic is bad y'all but i swear most fans that arrive in the 2nd qtr are actually late for last weeks first