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  1. Quinn likes his super athletes so I don't see Charlton as the pick.
  2. Great to hear. Shame there isn't really any point in a defensive players camp
  3. If he plays lights out then I doubt we could afford him. However I won't be sad because we will have a Lombardi to comfort us.
  4. Would love to see the difference in team rushing and passing TDs within the 10 and 5 yard line for these QBs. Ryan is always happy to hand the ball off whereas Brees and Peyton almost always passed.
  5. Would love a young DE. Another speedy LB would be nice to replace Wheeler. RG is a position of need but it is also a position that can be handily filled in the 3rd or 4th. If the coaches think that Wes can start at RG I would be drafting an LG (not in the first) to replace Levitre next year. *Late round OT as well since we don't have much behind Jake and Schraeder*
  6. Better the devil you know...
  7. Sorry everyone. In a mock draft I am in he was taken by the Ravens at #16
  8. I think he is the most realistic pick at #31. But you just sense that a team will swoop on him before us. Wouldn't put it past the Texans pairing him up with his brother.
  9. Brady also has a wife that is worth $300million.
  10. Someone that can get push up the middle on passing downs so that QBs can't step up in the pocket to avoid our edge rush every time.
  11. Worst case scenario is the Panthers don't take Fournette early. Love it when teams waste an early first on an RB
  12. Thoughts on Panthers bringing back Munnerlyn and Peppers who are both near the end?