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  2. Lawson gone
  3. Must be bad
  4. Gregorie to Atlantie
  5. In 2016 he proved that he still has it. Until he doesn't I see no reason to change it up. Vinatieri is older and still going strong.
  6. Would Vikings be likely to take Dorian considering how bad their OL is?
  7. Dawkins, Feeney, Eflein and Willis were taken between our 2nd and 3rd pick. If we wanted them we would have taken them in the 2nd. We seem to have a pretty good handle on what other teams want,
  8. I am excited at potentially having a good defense since forever, our offense has been good since Ryan.
  9. Guard and swing tackle Tall FS to deal with our division, at this stage any FS we draft will probably not be better than Allen anyway but we do need some rangy depth that can play deep coverage.
  10. Bad year for OL anyway
  11. Years*
  12. They are trying to jump us imo
  13. Probs will go to 49ers, i dont think we can afford him
  14. Jets got a new safety duo