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  1. Really poor timing. Maybe if we didn't just draft Takk? But no I'll keep Freeman. If we're trading Freeman it should be for like Watt but obviously that's not realistic so, again, no thanks
  2. Teeter right on over into my.... ok let me stop here before the wife walks in lol
  3. Headlights look good tho baby!
  4. I always liked Lewan over Jake, not a shot at Mathews, just my opinion
  5. Glad y'all are feelin this dude now cuz nobody was when I was talking bout him before the draft lol
  6. I don't hope he does but the chances of him getting another one are very very high. I doubt that was his first one but it was significant. I'm speaking from someone who's had numerous and after the first one (major car accident) it seems like they'd come when the wind blows. Sucks but that's the reality of it. I don't wish harm upon him but his clock is ticking and I think he's smart enough to walk away
  7. Super Smash Brothers. You're welcome
  8. Mama told me, not to sell work, 17-5 same color T shirt
  9. No such thing as too many corners. I like the guy
  10. This should be on the main page. "Welcome to Atlanta Falcons Message Board! Fair warning..."
  11. Him and Conner were my two favorite running backs coming out this year. 1A and 1B. Love this draft
  12. Ayyyy, y'all talkin bout some Ike Taylor up in here?
  13. Jacob Tammes replacement is the Tight End who caught a touchdown pass in the super bowl. This guy was brought in to compete for TE2.
  14. I just ate a whole supreme digorno pizza. I'm not really sure if I feel better or worse? Best frozen pizza tho I tell u what