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  1. I wonder if the Buccs or the Panthers are scared of this old injury plagued running back? Cuz the Falcons sure ain't. I don't care about what he's done in the past, he's a 32 year old running back who is too proud to retire, Neal will show him his time has passed.
  2. For some reason, people refuse to believe this flawless logic just because THEY want a TE. I just don't think it's gonna happen. Austin is Tammes replacement and he's pretty **** good when called upon.
  3. HeII yeah man thanks for the heads up! Cheers brother!
  4. That's what I thought too but I've been so unplugged this offseason
  5. You'll have to forgive me I shut it down for so much of this offseason due to obvious reasons. I thought we had that Perkins guy and someone else I can't remember to go along w Toi and Hoop. Will be an interesting draft to say the least this year
  6. I'd be willing to bet the MB wants a TE more than our front office does. Wouldn't be surprised one bit if we don't take one at all this year.
  7. Fixed that one for ya too lol!
  8. Not a problem idk anything ab the dude either. Had to wikipedia him lol
  9. I thought he went to Florida?
  10. I understand that however it's not like he's accomplished anything in the NFL. Personally, I'd rather acquire younger and cheaper depth in the draft in 4 days
  11. How long til the "Sign Glen Coffee" thread arrives?
  12. And using your logic we'll just sign everyone else's nobody's and they'll all become the equivalent of Taylor Gabriel. Sorry I don't want Jaye Howard? I'd rather draft a younger nobody with a higher ceiling. How silly of me, I must be out of the loop
  13. I'll stay on the edge of my seat to find out if we sign Jaye Howard. The decorated 4th round draft pick out of Florida in 2012
  14. Oh. See I didn't know that. I thought I read he was a DT. I've never heard of this player before. Thank you. Much better explanation than hjerrys