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  1. Like because this made me laugh but I do like TJ Watt lol
  2. Smart people surround themselves w smart people. Can't fault the man for that. We can all see the difference in the way we draft from the Mike Smith era and the DQ era. TD has adapted to a new coach and with the help of a bright mind like Pioli they've killed it together. I like Pioli but let's not act like he's not brought some duds over from KC too now. Nobody's bullet proof but TD isn't a dam dummy like he's painted out to be by some of the same fools who wanted Glen Dorsey at #3 overall back in 08. Anyway happy Saturday lol #RockChalkJayhawk
  3. In before "Dimi had nothing to do with drafting any of those guys!"
  4. Hopefully the packers draft Lamp and take him off the board. I don't want that dude either
  5. He doesn't have to be lonely at
  6. Well thank you kind sir
  7. Happy birthday KOG. God bless you and yours
  8. A lot of us knew Tyrann Mathieu was gonna be great and he had a God awful combine. The combine is kind of outdated and needs to be revised anyway. The raiders used to just draft the guy who ran the fastest 40 and that rarely worked out lol. You can't teach instincts. Ballhawks are born not created. You can be a great athlete but a bad football player. That's why Usain Bolt could never play in the NFL and Tim Tebow will never step foot on a diamond in the MLB, God given talent only goes so far that's what makes the great ones great
  9. Give me James Conner in the 5th, please.
  10. I hope you're right man. I think the super bowl just put me in a funk. Hard for me to get excited ab anything football related. Poe is great
  11. I don't understand the 1 year deal either. Who gives a 2 time pro bowler ab to enter his prime a 1 year? Not a knock on Poe but it does make you wonder
  12. What? Tbh this is the least amount of free agency I've ever watched due to the super bowl loss. I checked out from football for quite some time.I know who Poe is, I just hope he's who we think he is. I hope we continue to address the dline in the draft also. I'm not mad at this signing I'm just not on the moon ab it like everyone else. The more I type this the more I realize I'm probably just a little jaded because of the Super Bowl. I'll stop living in the past some day I guess lol
  13. Lol! Gif is awesome
  14. D@mn, Poe got KOG feeling like that huh? I hope you're right brother