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  1. I'm happy af. What are you taking about?
  2. 1st off let's leave my a$$ out of this.. It's in the same place it's always been... 2nd..no 1 on this board can hurt check me.... I just think it's pointless... I know what I know and he feel the same so to end it... He win. I understand this is life 4 most. Check my post count... Proves my level of care. (and the amount of life I spend outside of the message board.) #nowimdone
  3. I'm not trying to win... What? Who said winning was the goal... I dropped my 2 cent... And that's that... He want to talk about my statement... And I don't care to explain.... Being right or wrong on this board don't stop my world from spinning... It don't stop my cash flow nor does it stop me from getting puss.y.... SO... You win 2.
  4. Too let you know that you.. Win. And I don't care that much to explain. I don't post much 4 a reason. Good day sir.
  5. OK dude you win. I done. See how that works? That's me not caring.
  6. Wow... HE kicked your dog or sumthing?
  7. I didn't say nun about going public. I said teams had to tell the league in the required time before changing suits. Think about how many falcons jerseys are out there that are UNSOLD. Do you think they'll (nike) want to keep producing at the same rate if they knew new uniforms were being designed? They gone want to empty their warehouse of the current uniforms before adding to it... Then we have to go thru approval from 50 different ppl.... It take time... A lot of time to come up with... this color... That sleeve... This number type. You think all those pieces are moving and we don't hear sum? Wake up, and STAY WOKE.
  8. No, THIS. My man dropped a key and yall walked right by it.
  9. Nawl but we had word a whole year before tho. But Nike fan and sportscenter fan. They talk. Listen.
  10. A team has to give the league a 3 years notice before getting new suits. I would be a bunnhole and use the letmegooglethat.com thing but you get my point.
  11. Depth. Depth is the biggest difference. NO WAY M. S. MAKE IT TO THE SUPER BOWL WITH THE INJURIES WE HAD LAST YEAR . NO F'ING WAY y? Because of development. Everyone on DQ team from top to bottom know what our objective is.... And they execute.
  12. Just like Turbo
  13. You know... I was really afraid (before the season) we were going to have to choose between 23 and 21. I remember ppl saying "Quinn came from the hawks where they let there 2nd cb walk instead of playing him.. " you know, Stuff like that..... I'm glad we have both.
  14. WE lost our OC..... Our offense was a easy 10 last year... Now although I believe we'll be good (a hard 8). We won't be a 10