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  1. Amazing. So pumped. This is our year. Rise up!
  2. How have the mods not banned this troll?
  3. Fatboi absolutely wrecking these "fans." Serioisly, why do you come to your supposed team's forum to turn a positive thread completely negative and also fail horribly at doing so? Boggles my mind.
  4. Heck yes! Bring on the BEASTLEY
  5. I don't get the TaTF attachment to Mass. Sure, Smith never gave him a lot of playing time, and he had maybe one big hit, but what did he do to wow everyone so much? I'm almost positive that a professional like Quinn, who coached one of the best defenses in the league, at least watched some tape before he decided he had no interest in Mass. Sure, it wasn't a huge cap recovery, but if the man doesn't see potential in a borderline player, I'll trust him. Was I expecting this? No. Can I understand it? Certainly. Clearly, our new leadership is cleaning house and there may be more to this than we as fans know. I'm going to try to see it positively and look forward to who the new boss has planned for his replacement. I'm interested to see who is next on the chopping block...