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  1. **** naw. Quinn himself doesn't believe he'll fall that far.
  2. Byron Jones has come in and became a borderline All-Pro safety. With Obi it's the same situation. The athleticism is there, the intelligence is there. Just gotta mold that skill-set.
  3. I can't fall for this... He should've disclosed this before the test lol dude does some kind of drug but it happens. As long as it's not Crack cocaine we'll be alright.
  4. Questlove?
  5. Hage definitely needs to try to pick up a few things from Poe. Would be nice to see him turn up even more.
  6. Chris Chester hurt us last year. Would love to have Forrest Lamp.
  7. We seriously don't need another one lol
  8. Is that like, a new boats n' hoes type of thing?
  9. He needs to get better at studying film and tendencies. Champ Bailey and Deion were the few CB's who could just get away solely on athleticism... He's still getting better tho which is good. I feel Alford and Tru could be the next Surtain and Madison.
  10. No I didn't... Just wanted to add those 2 cents. Vegas=Party/Coke city but yeah
  11. His butt isn't big enough to warm David Carr's bench.
  12. Happy birthday dude... Thank you for being committed to this site for so long. I've visited here for maybe a decade and it's guys like you that keep me coming back.
  13. That's saying a LOT. I thought differently but Mayock is on the money when it comes to DB's.
  14. Whomever has the best DB instincts and athleticism is usually the FS. Or would at least excel at the position. You have to cover a lot a ground and know how to play in space which is pretty difficult. You can't really develop those instincts either.
  15. Screw that... When the Saints opened the dome after Katrina... I never forgave the NFL for scheduling us on that day. I want revenge for that day. We could sweep the Saints for the next 5 years and I still wouldn't get over it. If we were to play our first home game against them? I know we would win. And seeing Brees getting sacked in our new stadium would be beautiful sight to see.