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  1. See y'all for 2 more (and hopefully at least 4 more after that)
  2. Every time we start to pull ahead they hit a shot...
  3. That's definitely a charge on Wall
  4. Lmao Sap just did that and one right in front of Morris
  5. Letting them back in it again... Get Howard back in
  6. Please put Baze back in... those are words I have not heard in a long time. But tonight, more Baze
  7. Alright let's close it out. We really need to just keep extending this series.
  8. Biggest hole I see is Delaney as the backup point, but that's not a huge issue. If we can dump Baze, this is realistic. Biggest issue would be finding a suitor for his contract
  9. I can easily get behind this plan. Would be awesome for us. I could live with Butler or PG13
  10. Gotta go with DE. We have some solid LB's, but at DE we need more play makers. We aren't bad at DE, just think we could use a dominant one
  11. Good win. Good to see 3 and not 1
  12. Ugh one of those games
  13. Wait for the inevitable stupid red card to kick in