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  1. Eason does have one thing Fromm doesn't: game experience. You can't replicate game experience
  2. I just don't see what he sees in LSU. Mississippi State will be better than LSU this season...
  3. Can't like this post enough
  4. Another good outing by Folty. A good performance all around. I would LOVE to see this team above .500 at some point
  5. Probably because his "kings of the East" are 0-2 since his proclamation. And none of the games have even been close
  6. Regardless of who has the best front 7, the Falcons without a doubt have the best secondary in the division. Not a close second.
  7. As long as Lebron is able to play well, he will be king of the East and king of the NBA.
  8. Let's have someone just put a shot at Bautista's face. That would be good enough for me
  9. Just not fair. Freddie was on an unreal pace this year. Send Bautista a message tonight...
  10. Braves now stand alone at 2nd in the NL East.
  11. Any MVP candidate list without a high opinion of Freddie Freeman is irrelevant
  12. I honestly have barely seen the list, so I couldn't tell you Fredericks was listed. This is literally my biggest point lol. Beasley is without doubt a top player, but we get so much disrespect
  13. I definitely agree. I just hope the players agree too lol. A team does not make the Super Bowl with only 3 top 100 players
  14. I hope so man. I don't see how the sack leader/FF leader isn't a top 100 player, but you saw at the end of the year how the media was trying to say Beasley wasn't as good as his numbers said. Even though the players vote on this list, I would not be shocked if some of them say "meh he isn't that good because he is young and we read sources X, Y, and Z saying his stats were inflated." But hey, I hope the players prove me wrong. Beasley is a top 100 player easily
  15. Julio, Ryan, and Free will be on the list. If Julio is not the number 1 WR, people are crazy. Beasley and Mack should be on the list, but don't be shocked if neither is on