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  1. If the Browns somehow pass on Garrett, which I highly doubt, the asking price for #2 goes up way beyond what you were originally talking about IMO.
  2. Yup...nothing to see here. If it's anything, it's the usual TD "We're open for business and talking to teams about potentially moving around" type of stuff.
  3. And just gave a contract with about the same APY and a fifth round pick for Mike freaking Gillislee.
  4. No report....RIP JP
  5. I'm not really surprised that someone who is trying to sell you season tickets would tell you that, but unless every seat is sold to season ticket holders, there will be single tickets sold. A lot of them may be bought up by people to sell on the secondary markets you mentioned, but those have to be bought in the first place and resold.
  6. My post apparently wasn't exactly accurate...single game tickets haven't gone on sale yet, but when they do, that's your best bet. I thought they had, but they certainly will be more expensive than buying them at face value closer to the season.
  7. I read this as you're just going to go take a shot of bourbon and then report back on how it went.
  8. I highly doubt they'll be's not very often that you can get tickets below face value anyways, and this is a new stadium, quality opponent, and coming off of a Super Bowl appearance.
  9. On the plus side, we play them the week after all of that
  10. I still don't get where people are seeing that the latter part of the schedule is so much tougher. They're facing 4 playoff teams in the first six games, and 2 in the last ten games. Maybe it's because Detroit and Miami weren't good for a while before last year.
  11. I'm just saying that if they're willing to give Dallas that much national exposure, teams shouldn't need to "deserve" to get just one for their franchise. I guess not on the TNF thing...I thought that as well. Looks like it might only be 15 weeks this year.
  12. While the Browns and Jags get no primetime games. It's really kind of BS, tbh.
  13. I said I don't take them lightly. Yes, I am familiar with how quickly things in the NFL can change. I am also familiar with how championship contenders can continue to be championship contenders quite often. Again, I never said anything to the effect of "pushover". I expect the Falcons to improve, especially with how they've been drafting, so as of right now, I feel very confident in where we are vs. the division.
  14. I don't take them lightly, but we were going to play those games at some point in the season. And it's not just confidence...we performed demonstrably better against them than other teams last year. I'd be more concerned if any of those games were replaced with @SEA, @NE, GB, or DAL down the stretch.
  15. We did just go 5-1 against the division, winning 4 by double digits. Against the rest of the league, we went 6-4, winning 3 by double digits. Not worried about this...
  16. 5 primetime games...GB (SNF), NE (SNF), SEA (MNF), NO (TNF), and TB (MNF)
  17. Well, we have 4 playoff teams from last year in the first 6 games, and only 2 in the last 10.
  18. I hear ya, but it's just one game, and it was already known we had to play up there at some point this year. I'd like to go up there, beat the brakes off them, and not leave it up to the refs this time.
  19. Meh... just look at last year. A tough schedule might not leave you with the prettiest record, but it helps prepare you for the teams you'll face in the playoffs. As long as we build on what we had going to finish the season, it's the teams we face that need to be worried.
  20. Official schedule release is at 8:00, and NFL Network is doing a release show again, in case anyone doesn't know.
  21. FWIW, Mike Bell has since deleted the tweet that schedule came from. Take from that what you will, but I tend to think that means that schedule is largely accurate, and someone wanted him to take the tweet down.
  22. I don't believe that schedule is 100% right for that reason, but it is from a 92.9 radio host, and they've been covering the presser for the Falcons today, so I wouldn't discredit it completely. I think there's a decent chance that it's the rough schedule, but he doesn't know all of the primetime games, TNF, etc.
  23. For anyone else wondering, the source on this is Mike Bell, radio host on 92.9 The Game in Atlanta. I wouldn't quite take it to the bank that this is right, but he's someone who could have a source in the Falcons organization...
  24. This post got 19 likes at the time of the writing of my post... 19 likes + the 1 person who wrote it = 20 BREAKING: All lanes on I-20 West closed after highway buckles