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  1. This is Twinkles btw. I think he's actually on this forum, but I can't remember his screen name...
  2. I don't can always just sit a guy on the bench for that game. I could see teams waiting until final cuts in order to try to hide their targeted PS players better in the massive amount of cuts league-wide.
  3. Someone needed a deflection I see.
  4. Did you guys know that Matt Ryan has a cat named Twinkles? Imagine that. The ******* MVP of a league of football-playing men with a ******* cat named Twinkles. Disgraceful.
  5. My dog's name is Champ, because I'm an Atlanta sports fan, and we're always champs, right? Right? (please kill me)
  6. It was barely publicized, but they did actually do a spring league this year, and apparently, it got some guys an invite for mini-camp tryouts. It didn't get it to where it could/should be on that, but it was a step in the right direction.
  7. Yeah, I agree. But with how Quinn likes to experiment with players at different positions and give unproven players a chance of playing time, I think it could be even more of a positive than it might be on some teams.
  8. Getting rid of the 75-man cutdown is interesting. More time to evaluate players in the preseason seems like a positive for a Quinn-led team.
  9. Well, if doesn't approve of this, I'm sold
  10. I think you can throw the charts out near the top of the draft. The best way I've heard this put is that when you're trading up that high in the draft, you're trading for a player, not the pick. It's a big reason why the trade-up from #6 to #2 for RGIII cost a fortune, while a trade-up from #12 to #3 for Dion Jordan didn't cost anywhere close to that much. Beyond that, I agree that it is usually a fairly accurate guideline.
  11. I get the Freeman love, but you guys acting the cap doesn't even does. The whole "TD is a cap genius" isn't a thing...we haven't been in cap trouble because we haven't had many players worth paying big money in a while until recently. It doesn't take a genius to manage that. There are a lot of tricks he's yet to use, but you've got to be careful with those. We're not close to being in cap trouble, but we need to spend our money wisely from here. He's done a good job with contracts, but let's see how he handles these upcoming big contracts before we proclaim him a genius.
  12. I've definitely been on the "division games to end the season doesn't bother me" train, and this does reinforce that, but I do think the division should be better this year. Regardless, while the numbers might not look as pretty, I don't see how anyone else is close to where we should be at. They might be good, but if the defense continues to build on the steps they took into the playoffs, watch out.
  13. You're right, and that is important context. I actually didn't remember that Tamme was hurt for that many games. I definitely agree that Toilolo was quite an important piece though.