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  1. Dont'a Foreman is the knockoff brand
  2. Intriguing big WR...maybe just PS fodder but who knows
  3. My cat's breath smells like cat food
  4. If you post to actually discuss things rather than trying to "win", you'll have a lot better time
  5. It's cute how you have both of your alts reply to each other's threads. You have a tell in your posting style.
  6. The only one you'll really see much savings from is Clayborn, and I'd prefer to keep him considering how rookie pass rushers fare. Cutting Shelby would save $500k, Reed - $2.2 million, Clayborn - ~ $4 million. Being that we're obviously a legit contender right now, none of those is worth it with our current roster.
  7. Seriously? Nike wants every team that is willing to change to do so in order to make even more money off of new jersey sales. They don't give a **** about existing inventory when the jersey costs a few dollars to make in China and sells for hundreds. It's all about sales.
  8. I just read that Coleman is suspended for 4 games for those legal issues if he makes the roster. You've got to think that hurts his chances at a position where they likely only carry one player.
  9. Also signed 2 Fullbacks... Falcons Sign FB Coleman, G Thornton and FB Vainuku The Falcons have signed fullback Derrick Coleman, guard Hugh Thornton, and fullback Soma Vainuku. Coleman and Vainuku are being brought in to fill a void at the fullback position and to compete for the starting fullback spot. Coleman was signed by the Minnesota Vikings following the 2012 NFL Draft. He was signed by the Seattle Seahawks in December of 2012. Coleman played in 31 games with seven starts for the Seahawks and has 11 career receptions for 91 yards with two receiving touchdowns. He also has 10 career rushing attempts for 35 yards. Thornton was selected by the Indianapolis Colts in the third round of the 2013 draft out of Illinois. The former Fighting Illini played in 37 games for the Colts, with 32 starts. During his three years with the team, he has switched between playing left and right guard. Vainuku was signed by the Texans following the 2016 NFL Draft out of University of Southern California. As stated earlier, Vainuku was brought in to fill a void at the fullback position and to compete for the starting job.
  10. Well, it was for most people. I'll let the rest speak for themselves.
  11. Seems like people aren't seeing that this thread is a year old. Nice bump
  12. If he is a dominant force on the D-line, they'll extend him a la Bennett in Seattle on his prove it deal IMO. If not, then he may walk, but if he lives up to the hype, I'm not worrying about who we might have to let walk in a couple years or whatever.
  13. Would Mike Smith have been better off if he had kept his moustache?
  14. Would the Falcons have been better off if they were named the Georgia Peaches instead?