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  1. Id be surprised if he ends up on campus now... this is just terrible if the accusations are true
  2. My guess is this isn't a surprise to Smart and crew.... I think they have some bigger fish they are going after but still never like losing out on recruits like this
  3. uh oh ...
  4. Well that would be the best of both worlds if Fox would take the KSU job... we wouldn't have to pay to fire him and he would be gone!
  5. Not looking good for Maten... Fox said it's a significant injury. That said Fox needs to go. His substitutions are terrible. Harris and crump didn't even play in the 2nd half that I remember. This is why we can't get top tier players, they don't want to sit the bench just because they don't get the offense. If it's that difficult then you need to simplify it anyway. I'm just tired of being completely irrelevant in basketball, don't need championships but at least be relevant
  6. This makes me feel really good about this trade. Phillips had a solid year last and has always been a very good fielder. How he meshes in the locker room is the next question
  7. Ok, that makes sense... but still makes me wonder why Phillips says yes now.
  8. I agree but this just says they don't think Albies is either ready or healed enough. I just wonder what changed for Phillips since he vetoed the first trade
  9. But why? As long as we don't give up any top tier propects I can deal with it
  10. I'm confused by this...
  11. Seriously, as someone who lives in TN, TN fans are getting real tired of this stuff. Butch is in over his head with this job
  12. How can you say no to Jarvis?
  13. I've heard that the Alabama draft eligible players are having a press conference tomorrow morning to announce their decisions
  14. Completely agree, pay him and give him anything he wants. It's just an added bonus he's actually a great position coach too and not just a great recruiter