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  1. Shhh!!! We aren't supposed to remember that!!! Also aren't supposed to remember how he cried about Randy Gregory.
  2. Yeah I see a lot of people down on him about his 40. I'm not worried about it since he definitely plays faster than that time. I doubt he makes it past the mid second round. I wouldn't be opposed to trading back and picking up more picks then moving up to grab him.
  3. This is good news.
  4. I think Evans goes late first to mid 2nd based on his measurables and physicality. Williams seems like he could play a single high free safety position but would do better in a traditional role. Both have to work on their ability to be manipulated in coverage. I do think Evans was underutilized a bit at his college position as he does have incredible range on the field. Which is the main reason why people want him in the first.
  5. You keep mentioning speed as a mitigating factor for a single high free safety prospect in regards to Evans. Yet you state you would spend an early round pick on Marcus Williams who ran a 4.56 forty. So if speed is as important as you say, wouldn't that eliminate Williams as a prospect as well?
  6. Rewatched these videos and I have to say that I'm on the Justin Evans train now. I do love Baker and Obi, but from what I've seen from Evans, he looks to be the more complete package. Obi looks a bit more stiff to me than Baker and Evans. Baker appears to diagnose plays a bit quicker than both Evans and Obi but doesn't seem to have the playmaking ability of either (interceptions and break ups) . Love the physicality of Evans, that man can flat out lay people out.
  7. Not sure why but Obi reminds me of Byron Jones.
  8. Late second round and I may pull the trigger. It really depends on who is left. I personally want us to pick up Sidney Jones in the 2nd or 3rd.
  9. Yeah I'm going to have to give a hard pass on Williams in the first round. His character issues pushed him out of consideration at that spot. People want to pretend it was a one time deal but there were multiple times it came up. We need someone who won't have an issue getting on/staying on the field. This is especially important since we have relied heavily on the players we have selected the past two seasons. People on here went ape $hit when Collins was suspended, and he was only a second round selection. Can you imagine the backlash if that happened with any 1st rounder?
  10. Not a fan of moving up for Willis.
  11. I believe they think he is interchangeable with similar players. I believe Sherman is talented but Thomas is the backbone of that secondary. Thomas allowed Seattles' corners to take chances and protected them. I think Carroll shopping Sherman isn't anything personal but rather signals a paradigm shift into a different scheme. Personally I wouldn't want Sherman on the Falcons. I think we have a group of really young and talented corners that are on the upswing of their careers. If we didn't recently resign Alford, I could maybe entertain the thought of us trading for Sherman but not now. If people are really clamoring for more corners there are a few good ones in the draft that can be had on day two.
  12. I agree. Sherman is talented, but I feel he is a system CB. It's not a bad thing but we don't need to drop big money on a that type of player. Especially when Quinn has proven he can draft and groom players.
  13. He definitely wouldn't. lol
  14. He posted his "live" mock last season.....several hours AFTER the draft ended. He called it his "Hindsight Protection Thread". It was promptly shredded apart by numerous posters.