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  1. A. The only thing that would've made an A+ is if we somehow got Rivers.
  2. I'm thrilled with this draft (only pick I am remotely unsure on is Saubert). That being said Hill made this a great draft IMO. He reminds me of a mini-Fournette. Maybe not-so-mini.
  3. Well to be fair, if it weren't for his back and lesser production in 2016, he would be making close to Suh money from some dumb team. If we play him less and he produces well enough, we could lock him up for years at ~$8mm/y ... then we have a steal and can unleash him.
  4. Holy **** @ the bottom Twitter link at :14 seconds... he just ragdolls then pancakes that DE and then jumps on him like "STAY DOWN BOY"
  5. your gif game is on point today dude
  6. PLAYER LENGTH VALUE AVG. SALARY AGE WHEN SIGNED Lamar Miller 4 $26,000,000 $6,500,000 24 C.J. Anderson 4 $18,000,000 $4,500,000 25 Doug Martin 5 $35,750,000 $7,150,000 27 LeSean McCoy 5 $40,000,000 $8,000,000 26 You can thank these clowns for us having to cough up ~$7 million + / year for Free
  7. yuuup - so happy with this draft
  8. SD is somewhat backwards in his views but its just a generational thing If I had to guess he's probably at that age that is just past the accepting of most everything generation, so like late 30's? I'm early 30's so I'm cool if you wanna wear a TuTu and dance to The SugarPlum Faerie in concerto... as long as you rek everyone on the football field.
  9. dude I don't care if he has eyes shaved in the back of his mullet TMQ picked him and his teammate is Debo... this guy is our guy now
  10. this ******* gif lol edit: spongedad I think your humor lands for only a select few here... me being one of them haha
  11. Yoga! (tm) "It pays off everywhere! From the bedroom to the football field!" ... **** its too bad I dont know Yoga... that'd be a catchy business
  12. Same With some coaching up on his blocking and softening up his hands... dude can be a playmaker
  13. They both have dog in them and dont shy from contact, and are ballhawks. Kazee has the range and athletic ability Allen doesn't. I'm not saying they are equal to ET, just that they will fill that role, IMO, just fine. Allen may end up getting picked up by another team if Kazee takes over though. He is decent enough to start on some teams.
  14. If this guy can convert to FS we have our Earl Thomas and mini ET in Allen