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  1. Happy birthday Big KOG!!
  2. Matt had absolutely nothing to do with that loss.
  3. Opposite here - I'll take any RB named Jamaal. Sign me up!
  4. Luck is the golden boy of "he could be..." All potential and no substance
  5. For your birthdays you get: DONTARI POE! Happy birthday!
  6. Straight up steal. TROFFED. Best part is if he balls out we can decide whether or not to keep our monster new NT
  7. At least we were in the ******* Super Bowl
  8. Why did you even have to bring him up? Some people...
  9. We have to go back...
  10. Well he beat us with the Browns under Shanny's offense.... so...
  11. yeee boi so underrated
  12. dude you know a good return, much less a return for a TD, is exceptionally rare in the NFL against any team, right?
  13. Could you ******* imagine what a halfway competent coach/GM could do with those picks??? Look at what we did in the 2016 draft with almost half those picks.
  14. Yea I'm not as Gung-Ho Madden about trading him as other people are
  15. Are you familiar with Sark? Do you agree we're gonna use a TE as a FB?