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  1. we'll go BPA at G/DE and then DE/G in the top 2 rounds. IE: if lamp is available at 31, and we can still hope for willis, rivers or T. Kpa in the 2nd or 3rds, then it's ok
  2. Leonard Fournette!
  3. jordan willis may be our FIRST rounder...3rd round...cmon brah
  4. says 6'3 220lbs
  5. but what did he even say?
  6. ya cuz he studies film unlike the haters
  7. thank god, I thought this was an actual rumour
  8. I say we go DE then DT, then LB, then OG (let Schweitzer compete), S, RB...
  9. but this thread doesnt make sense. Reddick is a sideline to sideline LB not a Pass Rusher...can he pass rush a bit? Sure. But he excels in the open field hunting down the ball carrier.
  10. Riddick is a tackling LB in the open field. Like hybrid Jones and Campbell mix. If you want PR you're talking Taco or Tarrick, Barnett, Watt or Willis
  11. well Vernon got the biggest FA contract last yr. Was rly a beast, deserved big money. But yeh