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  1. Riddick is a tackling LB in the open field. Like hybrid Jones and Campbell mix. If you want PR you're talking Taco or Tarrick, Barnett, Watt or Willis
  2. well Vernon got the biggest FA contract last yr. Was rly a beast, deserved big money. But yeh
  3. None, but Id have to consider Rodgers. Brady wouldnt be the same here without BB, but honestly how could you say anyone has more value than the reigning MVP .
  4. great idea. Lets swap for 2 older, less capable, head cases who make insane money...grrrrrreat idea
  5. yeh hes a great OLB in a 4-3, naybe inside in a 3-4
  6. Reynolds and Ismael are the definition of real depth
  7. Vic-Poe-Jarrett-Clay - Base Vic-Clayborn-Shelby- 1ST rounder Vic-Poe-Shelby-Clay Shelby-Poe-Hage-Reed
  8. I thought Jarrett Poe Hag and Beas would be amazing, then think about Crawford, Shelby and Clayborn all capable of playing inside Upshaw who blossomed at the end of the yr inside, plus Brooks Reed and another PR we'll add in the first round ...wooo SB here we come
  9. this must be a joke....put another QB here aside from Brady or Rodgers and were 0-16
  10. they seriously could not be more opposite
  11. It was some dumb mistake by an poll on twitter asking whos the most hated player in the league, and all the bad*sses were on it featuring Tamme lol It an entry error but because it was funny and he's so nice and normal everyone voted for him. Now it's just a thing.
  12. I think u guys will be quite surprised that this isn't what Poe likes to do. He is a one-gap up the field guy like Jarrett, just way bigger. That's what DQ is gonna be selling him. He wants to get sacks, look at his numbers 2 and 3 yrs ago in KC, and then last yr , 5-6 sacks to 0 basically because they wanted him to eat up OL instead of rush and now hes out the door for Logan who is specially a run stuffer
  13. I saw that! But he wasnt carrying a bench press bar with 2 plates in 1 hand so i assumed it wasnt TD
  14. He's done man lol