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  1. Pocic in the third would be very nice. He could possibly fall there like Cody Whitehair did last year. I think he could play either guard spot and center. Put him and Garland together and there's a lot of versatility on that offensive line.
  2. Based on the trade value chart, the highest we could move by only giving up one pick is 19 by giving up our second. I think Reddick's floor is 17.
  3. I say we trade up for Willis, draft Justin Evans in the second (I pray to God he's there), draft Danny Isidora in the third, take Aviante Collins in the fifth, and Elijah McGuire in the 7th.
  4. In his defense, he did get a new coach and a new scheme last year. He wasn't attacking anymore, but then again, neither was Willis and he was Big XII defensive player of the year.
  5. Well I hope that's accurate. I'll be very happy if the Falcons take Harris, Willis, Barnett, Reddick, or Rivers even if it means giving up something.
  6. I like him a lot actually. I didn't think would be interested based on his combine, but knowing we are I gave him a little more of a look. I mean I always liked him, but those numbers scared me. His improvement from combine to pro day was pretty good. His tape is definitely more flashy than Willis, so seeing the testing freak work or next to Harris should give DQ the insight he needs on what kind of athletes these two really are. I would love the Harris pick, but he won't be there at 31 or 26 like we are rumored to be interested in. I've been seeing rumors he could go in the top 10, so I doubt it's happening.
  7. Yeah if Aldon was still around he'd be regarded like Miller, Mack, and Watt. Dude was an stud. Ray is good too, and Golden is underrated . I like the Missoui edge rushers in the league so far.
  8. One is good and one is not... hard to say.
  9. I mean there are 5 players we can't get at 31 that we can get at 26. And I do think there is a chance 3 or 4 pass rushers go there. This trade makes loads of sense. I hope we do trade up so I know we aren't settling for someone we aren't passionate about getting. If they trade up I know they are getting the guy they want. If it's Harris, great. If it's Willis, fantastic. Just make sure you don't settle.
  10. Reddick is so freaking good. I'd love to have to move up for him. The first game I watched him was against Buffalo and I was sold after a few plays. He's a Special talent for us at SAM or WILL.
  11. Okay that is pretty troubling. I didn't we had any hard evidence of his poor interviews.
  12. If the Falcons did take him it would be because they are confident in him. I'm not a big fan of knocking college effort. Clowney had poor effort and now he's a force. I'm not there for interviews so I'm not going to change my opinion of him on that. I just think his upside is a top 10 defensive lineman in the league. Hard to pass up on that once you are in the 20s. Now if he really interviews that badly then sure don't take him, but I'm not going to attack a man's character based on rumors about interviews.
  13. I'd take him way earlier in a heartbeat too.
  14. McDowell might be a top 5 player in this draft. I'd take him at 31 in a heartbeat
  15. I'm just going to say that Collins will probably match up with the big receivers like Benjamin and Evans where Alford and Trufant have had some trouble. Trufant will probably get the best receiver under 6'4. I think we have the diversity of skillets to play matchups at corner