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  1. Julio will be 29 after this upcoming season. I hope to see him play at this elite level until 30. Who knows how long he can maintain this. One of the greatest ever retired at 30. Calvin.
  2. "Aaron Donald isn't worthy of a top 10 pick," they said. "He doesn't have the size," they said. "He is a one dimensional player who won't have success as a pass rusher at the next level," they said. Lol okay.
  3. I remember when Julio was the #2 to Roddy. That didn't last long. Like he said in the article, that man is simply not a human being. The trade was ABSOLUTELY worth it. Hands down. No question.
  4. I don't know how we are going to get all these guys on the field.
  6. Auntie strikes again. sTuPiD CoAch hE neEds tO gO
  7. Wow. Very impressive interview. This kid has grown so much since entering the league, both on and off the field. There were a lot of bait questions in there & he responded perfectly. DLed is still a moron.
  8. This is surprising. Where did this come from?
  9. It's all up to him. He has the physical ability. Always has. He has the coach. I don't know what it is that prevents him from playing like that week in and week out. I haven't studied him enough, but I do know that we won't resign him if he doesn't ball out this year. You're right.
  10. He played very well when it mattered most. This year, we will know what he is.
  11. I don't get this.
  12. What's funny is he used it correctly and then incorrectly in back to back sentences.
  13. Right now, Allen is going into his 3rd year in this defense. Quinn put him at FS. He is a free agent next year. I believe he will start & Kazee will be groomed for the position to start next season. Allen will want some money & we can't pay everybody on this team.