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  1. I have always loved this commercial. Glad to see him in Flowery Branch.
  2. Dude's blocking is insane.
  3. Things have been a little slow around here lately. Enjoy.
  4. Happy birthday man!
  5. Hester was not the answer, but I do believe that we were much too complacent when it came to our return game. That is surprising to me given how DQ has turned this roster over. I think Devin Fuller was the original plan at KR/PR. However, when he went on IR, a move should have been made.
  6. I think we go OG in the 1st now, if lamp is there. I really want to see us keep adding pass rushers though. Beasley is going into his third season. Time to draft someone to pair with him.
  7. Cool. Glad to see us make a move.
  8. For sure. He preferred to stay in Tennessee.
  9. Don't tell Derrick Morgan that.
  10. I haven't been through this thread and if this page is any indication, I may be better off not.
  11. We go through this every year. Doubt it happens this year either.
  12. Doesn't really fit the scheme. I like him.
  13. I really don't get the hate on our uniforms. There's literally nothing wrong with them.