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  1. The flooded cell seems awfully convenient. It's still pretty irrelevant. They turned off an inmates only water supply for 7 days? Lock them up.
  2. I feel like every pro-choice individual would think/say this the exact same way. Pro life people believe that everyone should be pro life. Correct?
  3. I like how they cheated against bearnie ANDDDD paid him off.
  4. It's always someone else's fault.
  5. Except he's not.
  6. How is a post like this even possible?
  7. 98% Didn't vote for policy/his plan I guess.
  8. DH. I'm not sure you understood. Delete that photo.
  9. Thanks for summoning the stupidity @Jpowers
  10. So Trump lied?
  11. You just gave us all your real name btw.
  12. But we got pretty overpass bridges!
  13. I was wondering wtf that doberman thing was about
  14. Icarly is when Disney/Nickelodeon shows and their ridiculous concepts started to go down hill.