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  1. I can't get around that crust They got good meatball subs though.
  2. I'm not even surprised. Mellow mushroom pizza? Yay or nay? I vehemently vote nay.
  3. My "maybe we will be alright" meter was reset to 0 after the reaction to it.
  4. Gregg Allman has passed
  5. There really should be some kind of punishment for responding with "The left/press was in the wrong" when talking about gianforte. Literally No.
  6. I have a question that I've been thinking about. What happened in the past year that made generalized comments/jokes about *Insert poltician* supporters so frowned upon? For as long as I can remember any given supporter group would get dogged on in a very general way. I thought it was fine? And just part of the joking banter. Now no matter how harmless, anyone that makes a general comment about the "Trump supporter" is met with raised noses and condemnation. It's strange. That goes for on here and social media as a whole. So what changed? Did America all the sudden become decent in regards to political support? Are people afraid that if the trump base keeps feeling belittled theyll pull this same stuff again? And if so, that sounds exactly like the snowflake safe space I hear about people like me on a daily basis. How'd we go from "heh heh that's kinda true" to "you shouldn't generalize a group"? (In no way am I talking about what yall *assumed* GF was talking about. I think we all know ooo don't go around calling "X" group murderers.)
  7. Yall just looking for stuff now. Would using "Im with her" as a joke about a feminist with 3 inch pubes mean all Hillary supporters have three inch pubes? Would using "feel the bern" to chastice a bernie bro mean all bernie supporters are ridiculous internet trolls? The answer is no.
  8. I gotta side with GF here. I took it as him saying HE was a Trump supporter. Not all Trump supporters are gonna go slitting people's throats. I also gotta agree with his second point. You can all disagree with him, but there's nothing in his past that suggests he'd make that kind of idiotic claim.
  9. Be careful with your words trout. Words are obnoxious. They might show you some Montana toughness.
  10. 1. In no way was that saying you're crazy? My point was you seemed angry/defensive and this board is not worth any levels of frustration. It was just advice 2. You're looking at the snake things the complete wrong way. In no way is anyone comparing you to snake. Quite the opposite. The point is you're a much smarter poster so these borderline articles are not the type of quality that we have come to expect from your posts. 3. As someone that gets a large share of **** on this board, let me give you some advice. You gotta stop reading posts trying to sift out the parts to be offended by. It's a message board. A certain level is just banter. You(in general. Not you) gotta look for what the point is and WHY someone is saying it. 99% of the time no one is coming after you personally. We don't even really know each other. In a way YOU/ME aren't under attack. The internet personality we've created with our posts is. Which is why we don't allow people to break outside of that and bring people's real life into discussions(family and what not). You gotta create that separation between real you and ABF you. Unless you're dealing with @SpongeDad. Then ignore all of this. **** that guy.
  11. "We respect you here and don't want to see your credibility tarnished by random conspiracies." WOW. How rude.
  12. I'll take things no one said for 500, Alex. Saying you're teetering on conspiracy theorist when you post conspiracy theories is not some assault on your character.
  13. JFC. You take any kind of criticism like a cat takes to water. It's whatever though. You kind of proved what I said. You posted the blog and then when called on it, Googled other sources, and shot yourself in the foot. I like how you focus on one instance and ignore your posts from the election as well. Again. Like I've said twice now. If this is your thing, party on Garth. Trout has spoken to the intense scrutiny he puts toward all stories. I think we'd all be better served to do more of that.
  14. What about a lawyer gives him the authority to talk about Obama would be my question. His experience is good. But I don't trust a neurosurgeon to drive a marta bus.