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  1. Which time?
  2. That's a better description for Trump. Well done.
  3. Oh look WFW back at his lame *** schtick. I don't want/can't discuss this so I'm gonna try to distract with something mindlessly stupid. Nah B. Trump lies about literally everything to an extent normal politicians couldn't even dream of.
  4. More rhymes with hit. These mixed use areas started off well but gave been dropping off as of late. Avalon was the last one. Then they tried one in Chamblee that fell through and one in Cumming, Halceon, that last I checked hit major financial stalls. It's their money and I'm sure they know what they're doing more than I do lol but MOG is already death and has more competition existing than 99% of Georgia. But also "near" MOG doesn't say too much. Does anything say exactly where it is?
  5. Sorry Julio but the last thing that area needs is MORE ****
  6. Yes it would.... And for the last time on this topic.
  7. P-ussy would fit. But the fact you think just throwing out asterisks is clever is just. Wow.
  8. You're doubling down on what makes this stupid.
  9. ^^^^why no one takes you seriously.
  10. This is still one if the dumbest things I've seen on this board. I just use asterisks. HEHE GOT EM
  11. I still disagree with "Kaep doesn't have a job cause he sucks" Uhhh. Does no one watch the NFL? The ONLY case that can be made is he wants too much money, which Idk. RG3 got a starting job. Geno Smith signed. Osweiler got 75 mill for a handful of very Meh games. Brandon freaking weeden keeps getting signed. Manziel still talks to teams. There are about 5 backup QBs in the league that aren't dog ****. Kaep at worst is probably dead middle for NFL QBs. That's more than worth a job. May not be worth a job at 10 mill but we will find out.