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  1. love seeing them keep putting in work. cant wait for september
  2. even is schweitzer works out, we really need OL depth .
  3. you're a brave man
  4. mylist might ruffle feathers ryan, julio, mack, beasley, alford
  5. if we keep beefing up our DL cam and brees gonna be worried for their lives
  6. for what its worth, on my flight to atlanta from LA for the nfccg, i was seated next to chester's highschool friends and family. they pretty much all said the same about 2016 being the last year he wanted to play and having plans for after football.
  7. **** we could do this with garland
  8. id rather pay and keep gabriel since we know what he can do and has always come through for us. wouldnt want him to go and us to get a bust.
  9. Josina Anderson‏Verified account @JosinaAnderson 1m1 minute ago More I'm told DT Dontari Poe is scheduled to travel tonight for a visit the #Dolphins, at this time. He has not left Georgia yet.
  10. I'm just deprived of football, and this would at least be some news
  11. wish we could get some word even if it's that he moved on
  12. Poe's guys could spent the morning calling the other teams to match our offer.
  13. wonder if news will break tonight or tomorrow
  14. doing the same haha