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  1. Let's hope we hit on some udfa like poole
  2. id just love having some fellow fans to hang with when i come to atlanta
  3. Imagine if the 2nd goes like today with so many O picks... could get interesting for us, ya just never know
  4. jump on in everyone
  5. watching our guys go back n forth with each other about the schedule on social media got me smiling. the brotherhood is strong and they hungry and confident
  6. if this becomes a thing maybe I'll fly out
  7. the only thing I hate about the schedule is that division end block
  8. exactly what I'm saying. stressful weeks. at least we will have an idea of how we look by then
  9. man depending how to season goes our playoff potential could be up in the air right through the end
  10. I prefer the tougher games up front, can't afford to have guys injure by the time we get to the tough games late in the season.
  11. I just hate that we play sea in sea AGAIN, we dominate them at home
  12. McClure confirming alot. our schedule is gonna duck bad Cowboys then Seattle in sea right after ugh