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  1. It should not have come down to who would be the next president. The GOP should have faced consequences for not even allowing a vote/hearing long before the election.
  2. Remember when a vote on an empty supreme court seat would happen within weeks or at worst couple of months later?
  3. So when is he going to be punished for his actions?
  4. Yep, plus I'm still pissed the GOP got to hold the Nominee hostage for a year with no rational explanation and got rewarded for it.
  5. F them, if they can hold the nominee hostage for over a year until a new president is elected might as well do the same.
  6. Still wondering why anything about the Nunes stuff is relevant in the event that FBI sources and Shiff have said their is more than circumstantial evidence of Trump/Russia collusion. Again how can people still give a **** about Trump's stupid wire tapping claims in the light of Trump/Russia collusion?
  7. This is a paradox Trump and his supporters have thrust on themself and are to stupid to realize. Leaking classified information cannot happen unless the leaks are true. Basically if the leaks are false anyone could just be making stuff up and lies like that obviously wouldn't be classified info nor an actual leak nor actually illegal. So now Trump and his administration have given credence to the actual information within the leaks by claiming the info was classified. Well thing is the info contains enough details to directly point Treason at Trump and his entire administration. So at this point we are left with the concept of which is worse people leaking information about Treason or the actual Treason itself. If you choose to focus on the whistle blowers and not the actual TREASON itself then you are part of the problem in this country. To make it more simple for Trump followers to understand Treason > Whistle Blowers
  8. Given the change in stance by Schiff Circumstantial only a few days ago and now MORE than circumstantial seems a smoking gun has appeared. This is pretty significant. This is probably the only shot to get Trump out of office so if the facts and evidence is not convincing or easy to explain to the American people Trump will just wiggle out of it. So this is pretty much all or nothing, and in the nothing case Trump will be elevated to a Dictator, so the IC better get this right.
  9. If the GOP can refuse to vote on Garland without consequence the DEM's can sit on their hands as long as they want.
  10. Maybe it was that time he literally asked Russia to Hack HRC on live TV?
  11. Also do you think anyone in Trumps circle is going to take a treason conviction for him? They are going to plea deal and then the info will flow like a river implicating Trump.
  12. Given Trump's mouth about Russia hacking her and his business ties if Trumps "people" are implicated their is little doubt something will be traced back to him at least knowing what was going on.
  13. This is the big one, if proven true this is full out treason, impeachment and criminal proceeding afterwards. If the evidence holds up I don't think even Trump can squrim his way out of it
  14. Yep Nunes just implicated Trump for communicating with Russian operatives that were under FISA surveillance. Good job, duh what a bunch of idiots. Next thing Nunes is going to say Trump didn't talk to them because of election tampering but money laundering. AH HA GOTHCA FAKE NEWS!!!!!
  15. Shocking he is not willing to put his money where his mouth is. Since dismantling the EPA is going to hasten Earth's demise as a habitable planet you'd figure we could move some of that huge military budget to speed up going to Mars.