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  1. GOP sympathizers the last few decades tend to get away with anything
  2. It is just insane and baffling conservatives will stick with these crazy stories that are proven false but deny actual events and demand more proof then is humanly possible for them, it makes no sense to me
  3. Yep GOP has been pulling this crap a long time, and it pretty much always works
  4. At this point I'm not sure ANYTHING Trump purposes gets done. Can't even get his stuff by other Republicans. Total sham
  5. Congrats, the first year is going to be brutal but it will get better after that
  6. Yea the audio completely contradicts the official statement, also the reporter says "you just body slammed me and broke my glasses" and Gianforte instead of denying it just tells him to get out.
  7. Conservatives will throw themselves behind ANY quack conspiracy theory that promotes their agenda EVEN when proven false like pizzagate and shut down even by Fox like this Rich story, but can't even conceive the Russian issue is real, when you have actual Video from Trump proving obstruction, almost dozen Trump aides quitting or getting fired due to Russian ties and several official investigations on going. Somehow to them Russia gate is just wild theories but Pizzagate and Rich story is legit? How do Conservatives fool themself like this?
  8. Terrorists came from Saudi Arabia, yet conservatives love them and the travel ban does not impact them, hmm wonder why?
  9. Sign him, he was a much better coach then our actual defensive coaches last year. Joe horn of the defense
  10. If you are bored and want to go after Obama and HRC have fun,
  11. Good luck
  12. Well might have been helpful for any of this stuff to come out while Obama was still President. Sounds more like Trumpers still going off on HRC like it is campaign season. If Trumpers want to retroactively go after Obama or HRC have at it but don't act like it is relevant to the current things going on. Neither Obama or HRC are in a position of power or currently running for any office. Peolple can't wave around "but her emails" or "Obummer" and act like that absolves the current President from ridicule and scrutiny of his ties to Russia or policy failures. Trumps current problems are 100% his own making, he was given an Economy still growing and not in anyway shape or form in a recession and a country in pretty good order compared to how GWB left it. So any problems now are currently Trumps to own. This is what happen when a single party controls the Presidency, House and Senate. They no longer get to sit around and blame the other guys for any problems. Trump and the GOP control everything, they get the blame for everything and trying to deflect the blame with these little snips of stories isn't going to help the GOP govern.
  13. Shocking, since Trump will just fire anyone and is not a yes man in that position
  14. People still think Pizzagate was real, so probably not.