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  1. So how many years are we supposed to suck? I'd take actual attempts to be competitive over the last couple of years of crap
  2. I'd feel alot better if we didn't just blow the biggest lead in SB history and lose the first OT SB game. A blow out loss or a close loss would have been fine with me but a loss of historical significance like this is probably going to negate any joy I have with this team until we actually win a SB.
  3. So when is this tank job supposed to pay off and all these young prospects make the team a winner again? We've sucked since 2014
  4. We REALLY need to make it easier to vote, I know GOP tactics like to put barriers in front of being able to vote but any serious discussion about voting percentages should start with ways to make voting much easier. *A National FREE easy to obtain voter ID card- No more waiting hours at the DMV taking time off work, spending tons of money on Birth certs etc. We can make this legit and secure without forcing people to take time off work to get one. *National Elections are work Holidays- I mean duh this is the easiest one of them all, Elections should not be in the middle of the work week I'm not sure the GOP actually want more people to vote so I doubt any of this will be done but if we REALLY want more people to vote stop making it such a PITA to do so.
  5. Yea that was just silly, on what planet is it ok for confirmed people with mental illensses to buy guns? How can that be justified by anyone?
  6. Probably the first draft in decades I'm ok with just going BPA. We have needs but not glaring stuff like most years.
  7. He also signed a bill to allow ISP's to sell our data without our permission further compromizing our privacy.
  8. The Irony is great as Snak would flip his **** at Obama for using the wrong kind of mustard.
  9. It's a lie, they want to take entitlements from poor and middle class and give it to the military and the %1. They certainly are not saving money nor being fiscally conservative they are just shifting money to people that pay them off and people that don't need it as much as the poor and middle class.
  10. The amount of high level people that quit/recuse themselves or were fired due to this issue is proof enough that something real is going on. Otherwise I might agree with you but at least a half dozen people close to the Trump administration have quit their jobs due to this. "Conspiracy theories" with no merit don't cause this amount of high ranking officials to just randomly quit or get fired during the same time period. I do think we are in an era where Conservatives can pretty much get away with anything so I doubt anyone will ever be held accountable.
  11. I don't think the the Russian issue classifies as a "conspiracy" anymore. It would not surprise me one bit if the collusion came out in the open was admitted to by the Trump administration and they brushed it off said "meh" and just continued on, just like the whole "locker room" talk crap that blew over but would have tanked every other politician in the country. "Yea we colluded with Russia we are going to drop sanctions but hey they helped us prevent HRC being elected, we did the country a service, next question please" "Emails, Benghazi, Pizzagate"
  12. Starting to look like the corruption runs so deep with Russia we might not have anyone in office to actually hold the Trump administration accountable for it. Our current Government is pretty much a Russian arm. I'm still of the opinion their was complete and unmitigated treason on a level never seen before but it runs so deep nothing will come of it and no one will be held accountable.
  13. Irony Since Trump admitted on video to several instances of sexual assault. I mean he freely admitted on tape to walking in on under age Beauty Pageant contestants in the hopes of seeing them dressing. Also of course the P grabbing video.
  14. Why do conservatives keep following these hypocritical pied pipers? Almost seems like Conservatives don't actually care about these issues cause if they were really Moral and believed in Conservative values they wouldn't keep hitching their beliefs to people that went against these morals in real life.
  15. Another loud conservative mouth piece that turned out to be a huge Hypocrite. Something inherent about being conservative and a hypocrite. So how many of these conservative pundits don't end up being huge hypocrites? I honestly think most of these guys are just media oriented professional wrestlers putting on a show cause the conservative base is so easy to fool and rile up.