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  1. It's amusing that everyone to fail this tests say they were sick. I wonder if they really think people believe that, or just know not to come right out and say I got high and tried to hide it.
  2. I know I shouldn't be, but I'm at awe at the few trying to discredit this jump. Seriously impressive lower body strength and burst. I'd like to see most here do a regular box jump 60 inches, much less from this start position.
  3. That would be a brutal second half to the season.
  4. Wasn't it his knee?
  5. Jam had a pretty nasty leg break near the goal line, but that wasn't the 80s
  6. I'm with you. I have a feeling we are trading up. Nothing backing up my feeling, just me. I feel it's for Reddick, if it happens though.
  7. I don't see Kyle waiting. He's going Trubisky to make sure he gets him.
  8. I don't disagree with taking him with our 7th, but with him saying he wants to be here, do you take him with our pick so near the end. Or do you let him fall hopefully to UFDA since you know he wants to be here, and take someone that you don't know the intent if not drafted?
  9. I'd like to see Garland with a real chance at it, but I think we draft someone in the mid rounds. I don't see it as our first round pick. I have a feeling were moving up in the first round for a defensive piece. Just don't know which one.
  10. He is such an exciting player, but he is also inconsistent. One game he would be clutch, then the next he would drop everything it seemed.
  11. I expected longer than a 1 year deal, but glad he's back. Serves that utility role well.
  12. Yea it looks like 1 year deal. Was hoping for a longer deal also. If he plays next year like he did in the playoffs, he will get a nice paycheck from someone.
  13. I'm just curious. Didn't Dimi say earlier that DiMarco was a priority? What if DiMarco wanted to see what else was out there and choose them over us?
  14. Hmm wonder if DiMarco is wanting to test free agency before just staying put, or if this is just fishing. I figured Toilolo would see what was out thete first. I figure Atlanta was just offering a one year deal to him to get their young guys a little more time with a security blanket.
  15. I expect to see some more of these head scratcher deals, especially in defense with ol Lynch running that show.