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  1. TD didn't draft him, was drafted in 2007 and TD came in 08
  2. If memory serves this happened last year as well. Love that part is out of the way and they can focus on work.
  3. This is basically what I was saying in an indirect way... That is wasn't as minor of a concussion as it was made out to be by some.
  4. I usually avoid Sam, but one of the highlighted areas of the big article where he is downplaying Luke's concussions, stood out to me. They held out their perfectly fine defensive star to play it safe, but played their "offensive star" with a hurt shoulder that needed surgery??? Maybe I'm missing something? And don't tell me because Cam wouldn't come out. Luke is twice the competitor cam is. If they could keep him out they could keep cam out.
  5. I think it's very possible the Giants are the best team in the east this year though.
  6. Aren't the games matched to the past years win-loss? I don't know how it goes but I think it has something to do with it
  7. I thought this to, but I think I read Coleman is suspended the first 4 games? Could be the reasoning?
  8. Mauger and Maurice Smith were the only ones I hoped we looked at from UGA this year.
  9. That young man seems very humbled and sounds like a true Falcon! Glad he is wearing our colors and part of the Brotherhood.
  10. Doesn't look like he was fired BECAUSE of the draft... but does make some sense to keep him on board for scouting and draft notes.
  11. Wow. No way would I have let him go through the draft if I was firing him. If he isnt good enough to be my gm moving forward, he dang sure isnt going to draft the future of my team, then fire him the next day.
  12. This is kind of my feeling on Carolina also. I don't see McCaffery as the best fit for them. I'm not a huge Fournette fan, but he would have been a beast in Carolina. I was just waiting on NO to try to move up to snag McCaffery.
  13. Man, nearly anyone that knew anything about football could tell you what Bama was doing in both of those games, and Boulware or anyone else could really stop them till injuries started pulling up. Yea he was in the area with alot of plays but like I said everyone knew what they were going to do. That's the only game I liked him in, but I Only watched a couple of their games. Just saying using Bama to me isnt the best game to use.
  14. I understand that, and I wish I had the time to study more of it but I just enjoy the game. Only thing I can recognize is he's seems high and has a good bull rush. Personality don't matter because at the end of the day it will never affect me as I will never meet a single one of them.
  15. I like him, he is relentless and quick, but I do have a question. I don't pretend to be the most knowledgeable in the technical stuff so here is my question. He seems to tackle high in the tape I've watched. Is that a serious issue or something that's not that serious. In alot of the sacks if that's Brees I just see yellow flags for roughing.