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  1. Good job straightening out DH but I'm not raising your 'likes' % .
  2. You guessed it. Great stash of female videos I must confess.
  3. Kushner is hoping to open his own spy school if he has time before he heads off in the black & white stripe suit.
  4. Soon there will be so much revealed by the media that the law enforcement and/or Congress will begin to look bad for taking so long to either take action or move on. Going to run out of popcorn soon.
  5. Fail. No matter how great you think your contributions are, 15% still sucks from your readers.
  6. Aren't you supposed to be golfing? . . . . Please go.
  7. Really? A 15% 'like' rate is nothing to be satisfied with. Just sayin'
  8. Trump and his entourage should all seek asylum in Russia instead of returning home.
  9. Jared Kushner better hold on to his monopoly 'get out of jail' card. He's going to need it very soon. Why the huge love affair with Russia? Their money? What was worth withholding info that could be a 'felony' for trying to set up the secret back channel? Like father like son. Son soon to share a cell with dad for fathers day.
  10. Run this to the lab while it's fresh. Trumpy has to be on something to act as radical as he does.
  11. Too much crep going on. It's time someone goes down.
  12. Tick tock.
  13. Don't leave out where he pushed the PM of Montenego out of the way like he was trash. The PM should have slapped the rude basturd upside his head.