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  1. Got to listen to Obama's forum at the U of Chicago today. It was comforting to hear an intelligent, friendly, smiling, at ease former president speak. Sure miss the warm feeling I used to have when we were led by a smart leader and not a blow hard.
  2. It's a diversion since he said he won,t attend the dinner.'What a baby.
  3. The Rust Belt news jobs will be minimal IMHO but time will tell.
  4. T That plus the fact he blew so much smoke up his believers butts that it's downright sad. Mexico will pay for the wall, repeal the AHA, travel ban, blah, blah, blah.
  5. Something better happen. So far a huge flop on everything.
  6. Fed law says as long as you live in the state you can run.
  7. That's what they said about the orange clown when he entered his race.
  8. Says another creep.
  9. He's is a rush to get something done before his first 100 days arrive. Good luck with that since all other big rollouts failed.
  10. How can anyone be that stupid? He takes the cake.
  11. With all the latest shady activity being made public by reputable news sources and some leaders in Congress, it's no wonder that several of the trumpers on here have gone into hiding with their heads stuck in the sand or stuck elsewhere.
  12. As posted before, Tick Tock . . . . Tick Tock . . . . Tick Tock
  13. I want any Trumper to tell me what POTUS has done in an effort to better the lives of Americans. So far his plans (opposite of his platform) have been to eliminate programs that promote our health and environment; remove sactions from enemy countries; tried to ban Muslims, tried to cut healthcare benefits for thousands; hopes to redo tha tax code to benefit millionaires; meets in Mar-a-lago with foriegn leaders that if met at the Whitehouse the conversations would have been recorded. Add these to the Russian controversy and his conflict of business possibilities even though it's Ivanka on the surface, should make any reasonable being with a lick of sense realize his winning the election was a huge mistake.
  14. Lock Him Up . . . . Lock Him Up . . . . Lock Him Up The totality of the crooked Whitehouse all reverts to #1 so he needs to go before it's too late.