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  1. There are more articles and confirmation from the Intelligence Committee that YES there was Russian collusion in our election. How can you turn a deaf ear and blind eye to it? Because you refuse to believe? You will have egg on your face soon. Flynn will see to that.
  2. A problem wfw and the President seem to have in common.
  3. wfw diverts to history to refute truth
  4. Wait till Flynn gets immunity and dumps the load to prove the collusion. Be patient. It's coming. Flynn is already guilty of failing to register as a foreign agent and setting up the Turkish kidnapping meet at the Essex Hotel. Rather than face a trial he'll rat out everyone in the collusion. It's time for you to educate yourself.
  5. I'm in better control of my feelings than you are of common sense. Oh wait, you can't control something you don't have.
  6. Not usurping presidential powers but keeping those powers within sane confines. Who else could stop a maniacal president. ( not saying I'm referring to Trump)
  7. Obama is not in command today so as I said, go as your POTUS, and while you are at it ask why it looks like it's getting worse even.
  8. He picked those losers. Defends them, lies about them, what else can I feel towards him. Admiration? H3ll no!
  9. Ask your brilliant POTUS
  10. She took that bill and immediately on her way back to Germany, wiped her azz with it and is mailing it to dippo.
  11. 10 hours later and he's still upset.
  12. Never wanted Hillary. That's just an assumption on your part when the truth hits the fan on your orange faced clown.
  13. With the Flynn download to them I can see why they feel like they've been lax in their abilities.
  14. Why can't you be objective? Wait till Flynn dumps a load to the FBI and you'll be singing out of the other side of your frame.