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  1. Old man still has a good arm. Tru would've knocked those passes down so easily though.
  2. The team won't officially announce anything until they are ready to sell these things in stores. Gotta keep the revenue flowing. It's like when I bought a Hawks shirt a week before they announced the new volt color scheme. I didn't see that coming either. I like what Nike did with Seattle's uniforms. Jacksonville is atrocious though.
  3. Wow. When was the last time Bobby Dodd was this loud.
  4. Exactly what happened to me. I checked online right before leaving and then get a text during the meeting that we got Poe. I'm all late to the party now. lol.
  5. Does anyone know how Sark feels about trick plays? We have Sanu and Poe now. lol
  6. Not in a million years. He brought his politics onto the football field when he did zero on the field to help his team.
  7. .......
  8. Quality signing. I never liked having Weems on the roster when he doesn't contribute on offense anymore. Seems like a wasted roster spot if you can find someone that will do both. This staff is pretty air tight with the leaks. Not good for the rumor mill but I love these surprise signings.
  9. Good. His loss if he doesn't consider at least visiting the NFC Champs. At first glance, I thought this was coming from Kellyanne Conway's twitter and initially disregarded it.
  10. Ok, pay the man. Just don't overpay someone that is already under contract and splits carries with another capable back.
  11. Yeah it wasn't negative but it wasn't really positive. I would have just wished DiMarco the best of luck.
  12. Shut up Free. Lova ya man, but you've been bringing negativity ever since SuperBowl week. Just concentrate on you and tell your people to do the same.
  13. To anyone saying we don't need Tru, Bucs now have DeSean Jackson to go with Mike Evans.
  14. LSU won the poll based on past reputation. I'm sure Collins will take that $20 but it's nice to see some competition.