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  1. I say we get our revenge in the regular season. We crush them so bad that we break their will to live. Beasley knocks Brady into 2018 and Patriots got knocked out in the first round. Falcons win the Lombardy over the Raiders.
  2. At the end of the year, I fully expect someone from this board to photoshop all our victims being feasted on under this falcon. Hopefully, there will be 16 different mascots.
  3. The best WR corp and all non-divas. And to think, we could've been stuck with Dez.
  4. That's what she said? But yeah, it's either smaller than the renderings or those workers are giants.
  5. Blah. I watched the entire presser. TD didn't say he is looking to move up. He said all possibilities are on the table.
  6. 5 Primetime games will give us an opportunity to showcase our pissed off team. The thing that I don't like though is how primetime games take more out of them physically and throw off their schedules. With the early bye, prime time games all over the place, and back-loaded division games, the 1st round bye is more important than ever. First victim = Chicago
  7. Hate the earliest bye. Also 5 prime time games? I like prime time games as much as the next guy, but they take their toll physically and emotionally. Having said that, we got this ****.
  8. One thing I noticed about the pressers is the black backdrop with Mercedes logo instead of red Verizon. I tell ya, the black scheme fits us much better. Looks aggressive and mean. Fingers crossed that it's part of the uniform scheme change to black.
  9. Obligatory... he couldn't handle the position change from Tight End to Wide Receiver. Sure he was a product of his environment but being a star in the NFL with a million dollar contract is a ticket out that he didn't take. He made these choices.
  10. I seriously considered naming my daughter Maddie just so I could get her a "Maddie Ice" jersey.
  11. I've tried to block memories of the SB from my memory but I do recall Ryan mouthing something once he got to the sideline along the lines of "Run the ****ing ball". Someone may have the gif but that that was all I needed to see to know whom to blame.
  12. Sweet. Thanks for the update. I'm falling behind this offseason.
  13. Matty picking up the tab for this one too? Baller. I hope he has time to work with those QB gurus on the west coast again this year. Stick with what got us there.