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  1. Heck of a hustle play by Dansby tonight. He moves really well on the base paths. Can't teach recognition and speed. Great individual play.
  2. What's up fellas? Just checking in. Dealt with some real life daughter teenager crap tonight. Anyway.,.. Garcia has pitched really well lately. Good win. Great performance. I'm proud of his efforts lately. May be good to be on the road for a minute.
  3. They already cleaning Collie's locker out.
  4. Big fat hit me pitches. This guy shouldn't be in the majors.
  5. Really let this one get away tonight.
  6. Well that sucked.
  7. Finish strong guys.
  8. Jace comes through!! Smoked it!
  9. Nice job Rio! Love yo see braves players going the other way.
  10. Grumble grumble grumble
  11. First pitch swinging smh...
  12. There you go!
  13. Keep it up guys! More good at bats.