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  1. I can live with the choke, but this weak *** narrative...Are you kidding me? We blew it Tom. Blew it. Yeah I say "we" because I claim this team. My hometown. Own the loss. That's what Quinn is selling.
  2. 3 straight defensive holding calls. Talk about scripted. That never happens.
  3. That lasted until '95 too. There's no city that an addict can't get a fix. could work for him if he stays clean.
  4. Happy Birthday KOG. Another year wiser.
  5. I wouldn't trade for Noone- hate that guy. So overrated.
  6. Ha! You know it.
  7. Mayock has Watt projected to us which means absolutely nothing. Just saying.
  8. Agreed. Not to mention that those players have been in the league longer and play vital positions. There is a pecking order. Like it or not.
  9. I believe that too.
  10. Thank you Eddie Jackson. RTR.
  11. I don't know. Maybe. Definitely need more dogs on this team. Not GA bulldogs either. Sorry Gdawg. Soon but not yet.
  12. Yep
  13. I don't blame him. But fuk him. Just because... thank you for your time. Go get that SuperBowl. Bunch of made up ish. Good luck with that. Don't care.
  14. By the way to the number folks. 4.58 is fast.