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  1. I dropped out of Delgado community in New Orleans due to the ridiculous amount of time it took to get a degree in a certain discipline. I enrolled in some technical programs and had a job in IT in six months after. Still pissed about all the time and money I wasted learning something that only took 6 months or so.
  2. Is DH Diesel. I remember coming in here years ago and thinking WTF is this guy talking to him dm self.
  3. Huh? My post is in response to the claims that the Russia and trump investigation is a witch hunt. I agree, comey is just doing his job.
  4. Plus the guy leading the investigation pissed all over Hilary even though he admitted he had no reason to prosecute her.
  5. Job creator lol
  6. I can't imagine how ruthless the 2018 ads will be. Each false tweet and statement is going to drilled into everyone via TV.
  7. Yacht's and mansions are still expensive as fck though.....
  8. LOL.... If former sheriff =Joe Arpaio Joe is the other old white dude who spent five years trying to discredit and delegitimize the last POTUS.
  9. I wonder how many likes were from people that voted for the guy who spent five years trying to discredit and legitimize the last POTUS.
  10. And then the DOJ exposed the local pd as thugs who were shaking down civilians.
  11. Remember that guy who would rather shoot the sht instead of prepare for a debate. He is now the president…lol
  12. Fox News contributor.
  13. Was one of them his Kenyan birth Certificate?