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  1. I personally think the meme is BS. The outbreak resulted from the widespread opioid issue. Pence refused running a needle sharing program until the outbreak set in.
  2. dead....but still savage af
  3. mediacrat's lol
  4. The two posts above are fine examples of bullsht.
  5. I disagree. I have been apart of departments that claim they can't find a certain skill set, when the real issue was policies within the organization making the company unattractive to people with the desired skill set. Companies have to adapt to the current market conditions that exist within IT. Raising wages and making more positions remote/work from home will help but companies have no reason to change if they can just pay off congress and get in low wage people from other countries. Question, in the 1.5 years it took you to find someone, you guys couldn't just find someone with a little less experience than you wanted and just trained them? What happen to on the job training?
  6. Also, if he doesn't address H1b visa abuse THEN he will officially be a globalist cuck.
  7. I feel betrayed by Trump and I didn't even vote for the dude…
  8. I'm pissed I missed the chance to short those btchs yesterday. MAN FCK!!!!!
  9. lol Bannon is riding btch.......
  10. I loved this place when people were fantasizing about raping the president's daughters. Remember when we discussed whether or not the president was really born in Africa, and if his real agenda was to destroy America after taking all of our guns........this place was fcking great...........
  11. Highway will be clear bcuz everybody is bumper to bumper on the dm side streets.
  12. So at about 400pm memorial drive was backed up to candler rd going east. The traffic is about to get ugly out here for everyone. Also..... Now that we know no one was hurt, I guess I can admit that I am glad this happened. This is a big "told you dumb fcks" for all the idiots up north who voted against the Marta expansion.
  13. If you ever go don't take sand to the beach…I'm married so I don't have a choice. Driving is cool, and the beaches are awesome, not held hostage behind resort fences like the Dominican Republic. Met some rasta's that got us some good smoke while out there as well. We always ride four wheelers on our vacations and curaçao had the best tour yet. Must do if you go.
  14. It almost seemed like rosita was smiling when she asked mullet for help killing herself.
  15. Who was paying for the poor's healthcare before the ACA?