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  1. No it's not. Ryan in 2016 only threw an average of about 34 times a game. That's actually at the lower end. In the Super Bowl, Ryan only attempted 23 or so passes, compared to Brady's 62 pass attempts. As someone else already mentioned, it's just when some of those pass plays were called that made the difference, not the volume itself.
  2. I would have liked to see us pick up one of the Chiefs backups. Foles or even bringing back Aaron Murray to GA would have been nice.
  3. Word is he's starting immediately (just in time for the draft). I like it. I hope he and Bud have a great working relationship like TD and Quinn do, and that it leads to an infusion of young talent.
  4. Damage control man. Koetter wants to make sure we don't have any bulletin board material the next two times we play these guys. It doesn't matter though, it's too late.
  5. Honest mistake. Besides, the author was just being grammatically consistent, as a football team has more than one player and referring to team as Cardinal doesn't make much sense.
  6. I'd like to think that the Falcons will soon be moving into Perfectville.
  7. What are you talking about? He mentioned Hooper was drafted out of Stanford earlier in the sentence, and then said Cardinals to allude back to Stanford, whose football team is the Stanford Cardinals. Relax.
  8. Reggie McKenzie found Aaron Rodgers. He also found Derek Carr.
  9. Man, if DeAaron Fox fell to the 10th pick, I'd trade the farm for him. His jumper may be suspect right now, but he's a playmaker.
  10. So both Teague and Horford about to be 0-12 against the Cavs. Swept by Bron three straight years.
  11. The fact that both of them are on the same team is also more impressive.
  12. To be fair, they still had to convert two 2-point conversions just to TIE the game. If even just one of them was stopped (I mean come on, suck it up and buckle down for one play), it's a two possession game and the Pats would have been forced to go for the onside kick. If it happened on the game tying drive, it would have been game over. It's a team effort. Both sides were worn down. Offense suffered injuries. Anyway, I'm done rehashing the past.
  13. Looking at where Zeke and especially Christian McCaffery were drafted in the last two seasons should make it rather obvious how the NFL values versatile backs. Teams want carbon copies of Free, DJ, and Bell. The Panthers drafting McCaffery is essentially a countermove to us having Freeman. They're trying to emulate what we can do on offense with Free. Free, DJ, and Bell have changed the way the NFL views RBs and have injected new life into the RB position because of their versatility. A RB that can run routes as well as a WR? It's unprecedented, and quite frankly it just about doubles their value because they are now two skill positions rolled into one, not to mention they still have to function as extra blockers on passing down, which Free excels at. It's even been the impetus for defenses to opt with smaller but faster LBs or hybrid LB/safeties that can keep up with the likes of Free should he split out wide.
  14. That's why I loved the hire from day 1. Ryan always showed flashes of elite play during the Smith era, he just needed an HC/OC that could bring it out consistently, and seeing what Shanahan did with RG3, Shaub, and Hoyer, I just knew he was the right guy. Same goes for Freeman (well, I didn't foresee it). He would have rotted on the bench or on the practice squad if it wasn't for Shanahan. He did show flashes though every now and then, but he straight exploded onto the scene in that Cowboys game and never looked back.
  15. Looks like a bargain to me considering the production. Better get this deal done sooner than later before David Johnson hits the market, and you figure he'll get $10 million at least.