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  1. It always looks smoother when he sits.
  2. What I tell y'all. 7-0 run since Schroder sat.
  3. Lol ikr. It's become so predictable it's ridiculous.
  4. Schroder on the bench. Watch the offense explode.
  5. Omg please put Calderon and Baze back in.
  6. I swear if Schroder isn't scoring, he's just a liability.
  7. That's Schroder's doing. He's hanging on to the ball too much. He's not involving Howard. Now he's on the bench and Howard is suddenly a force to be reckoned with. This is why I said I wasn't sold on Schroder.
  8. Our front court is the strength of our team. We should be playing through Millsap and Howard. Get the PnR going. We're not gonna win with Schroder and THJ trying to outduel Wall and Beal.
  9. It's not only that. When he gets in the game, the offense seems to get isolation heavy. So when the defense is good, guys force the issue and that's when the turnovers happen.
  10. Is it me or does the offense flow better with Schroder on the bench?
  11. Atta boy rook! FINALLY we got some PnR with Howard.
  12. Ball is moving around more. That's how we're gonna win.
  13. Come on, what is this chit? As soon as Millsap gets the ball, everyone just stands around and watches him go one-on-one.
  14. What is with this dichotomy between the way the starters play and the bench? I swear, too much dam isolation with the starters. We're not going to beat the Wizards this way.
  15. Pretty sure PG13 is a UFA, so it would just be a matter of managing the cap. Of course, he is a max player, so getting him will probably mean parting with both Baze and THJ. I think Bud already prepared for that possibility when he drafted Bembry and Courdinier, and got Dunleavy before the trade deadline, and he'll probably look at more guards in this year's draft. This is it though. We get PG13, it's between us and the Cavs in the East. Even if we lose THJ, we still have solid role players in Dunleavy and Ersan Ilyasova (who I forgot to add earlier). EDIT: Never mind, PG13 still has one year left on his contract. Crap. We don't really have assets to trade for him, at least not compared to the Celtics who have a lottery pick.