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  1. Blake Griffin is about to be an unrestricted free agent.
  2. De'Aaron Fox is a player. I'd make a trade to get him. Like seriously, when was the last time we drafted a player from Kentucky? He'll likely be a high lottery pick. Then give me the center from Michigan or Creighton.
  3. He's acting spoiled. He's not competitive, he's arrogant. I'd give Schroder one more season to get his act together (but I'd still acquire another guard). He keeps on acting a fool, and I'd put him on the trade market. Wouldn't even be any drama about it. Just leveraging assets. The writing is on the wall. This team is about to go through a rebuild. Millsap with that asking price is gonna price himself out of Atlanta. The only player over 30 that I would give that kind of contract to is LeBron James. Baze seems to have hit his ceiling. THJ is an upcoming unrestricted free agent. Howard is clearly not what he used to be. Major decisions will have to be made, but this team desperately needs an infusion of young talent because they are regressing. They were 48-34 last season. They are currently 37-34. They are a far cry from the squad that won 60 games just three seasons ago. Honestly, the best thing might just be to miss the playoffs this season and get into the lottery. In any case, we're not even sniffing the finals with the current squad.
  4. I'm done with Shroder. Like I've said, that guy is just too turnover prone. He's too reckless. He's been in the league three years now and he's still making boneheaded, rookie mistakes. Can't even rely on Shroder to make the smart play or to just not turn it over in a key possession. Add PG to our list of needs. Sigh.
  5. I hope not. If ATLUTD can keep this up, they'll do a lot to really improve the quality of MLS as a whole (which I'm still adjusting to lol).
  6. Looks like it's starting to come together. The chemistry. The young talent budding under a great selection of a manager (Gerardo Martino) that has coached Leo Messi at both the club level (Barcelona) and international (Argentina national team). We had 83% possession for the whole game against Chicago! 83! I've never seen that in my entire life, and I've watched a lot of great teams in some lopsided match-ups. I only just started watching MLS seriously since Atlanta got a team (didn't really care much for DC United even though they're local), and they got me pumped already. This is awesome, which is a far cry from my other team (Arsenal) who needs a new manager, but at least Barca is still in it (UCL)
  7. Patriots always seem to have a lot of things go right, even when they seem to go horribly wrong. Why can't we have that luxury?
  8. Man, I just wish we had a player that made a Kawhi-like jump in his game. THJ has star potential, but we still need more.
  9. Don't call this team a dome team. Hotlanta came to play.
  10. And we have our first hat trick, two games in.
  11. There's Manchester United, New Castle United, West Ham United, Leeds United, etc...
  12. 4-1 This game is over.
  13. Umm, no he didn't.
  14. The Seahawks won the first Super Bowl. Buffalo Bills were the last team to lose the Super Bowl and make it back the following season.
  15. Isn't it obvious? Dennis needs to cool down. It's way too soon for him to be calling the shots. That embarrassing display of immaturity with Howard was all I needed to see. He's still too inconsistent. He's still turnover prone and his shooting is still streaky. The only times he shows up and plays at a high level is when they're playing a marquee opponent like the Cavs and Warriors. I don't disagree with Coach Bud's decision to bench Dennis. At least he has the balls to do that.