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  1. Congrats and thanks for the memories Roddy! Always a Falcon to the bone! He should be in the ring of honor next year.
  2. Cam's best season, he still wasn't tier 1, and he had the most underwhelming MVP season ever. He isn't a great QB, never has been, just a good athlete. He has a terrible attitude and he is so immature. He is not a consistent accurate passer. He depends on the threat of him running and the running game in general to give him easier throws. He will not beat you throwing into tight window like a top QB will. That article is a joke.
  3. This is about the same reaction that happened when the rumors of Rico to safety started floating,until it was official. I think it's a good move if it happens. Not surprised.
  4. He did better because the line was better and the team was more dynamic & balanced. It was easy for Teco to keep his numbers up in 15 when everything went to crap. Not hard from the bench. Teco was almost non-existent in 15, but Free still did his thing. Until the whole team collapsed.
  5. Wrong. Turner came off the field a good bit. Plus he had Snelling and Quizz letting him go tp the side lines. But i guess you are saying that Freeman is putting up basically the same production or maybe even better with 30% less snaps?! You would be right , if he was on the field that much. Speaks even better for Freeman.
  6. Everyone considered Turner our Workhorse. Freeman took around 60% of the snaps last year. 604 snaps i believe, with 200+ running the ball. Turner was on the field about the same amount. Turner just ran 300+ times, even then was considered running a back down, but hardly participated in the pass. He was a one trick pony. Freeman is alot more dynamic. We throw the ball alot more these days, plus it's just the way the NFL is going. The way the game is today, yes 200+ carries and 604 snaps is a workhorse. Every back wears down some as the season goes. If they say they don't, they are a liar, and you are a fool for believing it. In 15, Freeman may have wore down a little, as all backs do, but he wasn't the problem with our run game late. Offensive line struggling, we were not fooling anyone anymore, and then the huge fact that we were struggling to throw the dang ball. The whole offense struggled at the end.
  7. Freeman's snaps say different.
  8. you may want to recheck your stats. Freeman had 227 carries , Coleman had 118. Which is about 2/3 of the carries in their split. Freeman was only 9 carries from doubling his carries. And we are not talking about receptions, we are talking carries. With that said, he still almost doubled the snaps also.
  9. 200+ carries? Yes he is. Keep kidding yourself man.
  10. Our offense starts with Freeman. He carries 2/3s of the load. He fights, runs hard, and gets us the tough yards. He's a great receiving back. He is our work horse. Like it or not. Coleman is a good change of pace guy to give Freeman breaks. He's great to come in and run by a tired defense. He is not a workhorse and isn't good at running in heavy traffic like Freeman. If he carried the ball as much as Free, he wouldn't last long. Letting Freeman walk is the kind of dumb move that this team would have done in the past, I think maybe now we are smarter than that. I hope.
  11. It seems to be this way anytime we have any success. We end up being the big joke for years afterwards. This team can not let this happen again, they got to repeat, and stop it. Put the league on notice. We aren't going away and we are not a joke of a team anymore.
  12. The NFL is all about storylines, not teams. They start at the beginning of games building them. Yes refs do sway games or help change the way they are going. Not throwing a flag because you don't want to give a team the win, is definitely giving it to the other team. Don't know if it's rigged or not, who knows, but they definitely influence the games at times. If anyone really believes that Goodell didn't want to hand that trophy to Brady, you are truly a fool... He didn't mind one bit.
  13. Both teams should get the ball at least once. None of that short field BS either! You drive the field and play by the rules of the game.
  14. They can totally change the outcome. To extreme degrees. According to what they let a team get by with. Penalties can destroy the best team. Not calling penalties can make a team seem 100% better. Really all it takes are some perfectly timed penalties to alter a game in the NFL though. Can put a team in the hole fast and change the whole complexion of the game.