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  1. Yeah, ive heard both have got bigger and stronger. Curious of how it translates to the field.
  2. Yeah, what I've heard too. He looked bigger in the shoulders in his interview to me.
  3. Truth, that's what has me so excited, I think this time is different. We should be climbing up the ladder. We made it to the SB with so much youth.
  4. I don't think you are bias to Johnson, you are just trying to back up your opinion, just like me and everyone else here. That's what this is all about. Why it's fun and keeps the off season interesting. We have different opinions and Nothing wrong with that. Im not not really bias to Freeman, im a falcon, i just want what's best for the team. Our eye test and opinions feel differently, Im cool with that though.
  5. Yes, it is important to keep the heartbeat of your team together. TD &Quinn have a long term plan to make sure that happens I believe.
  6. Yeah, they don't seem the same since they don't have Lynch. Especially on offense. Lynch was the back bone of that offense. true ,that loss hurt them. Which losing Quinn did too i believe. I hope we just come back with a vengeance. I thought we would after 2012, but it all fell apart.
  7. Speaking of Seattle, I think the loss of Lynch hurt them more than people realize. While Lynch and Freeman are different backs , i think they are both core players for their team.
  8. He's trying to use the first year in a new offense, with a limited play book, and a year the whole team struggled. Then saying he wasn't a bell cow this year. He wants to eliminate any facts that shows freeman is producing well ,then boost everyone else.
  9. According to how you are looking at it? In 16games or season? Regardless of how you twist it to fit your case, Freeman had More yards on less carries for the season last year. Freeman carried the ball 266 times last year for 1241 yds. Johnson 293 times for 1239. The fact that Johnson was sitting home isn't Freeman 's fault. Still doesn't change the fact of carry #'s vs yds. If you want to only compare game by game, then you will have to get both coaches to give equal opportunity to both backs. You really want to bring up the SF game? The game our oline was getting crushed. The game Ryan Schaeder said we couldn't fool anyone. They knew everything we was doing. Remember, our play book was really limited that year, it caught up with is, and that's part of the reason the team fell off. Give freeman the same carries in a offense clicking like ours is now, then he may crush his numbers for that year. Yes, Freeman did take a nasty shot to the side of his head and was diagnosed with a concussion. That's just a possibility, not a fact of him being effected. I still think the fall off was more of a team problem than a Freeman's carries problem. You can keep trying to down play Freeman, but as i said, his peers say otherwise. The guys who play with him and against him say different. Their opinions speak volumes. Not ours. The guys who have to tackle him and try to stop him, say he is elite. They say he is one of the best backs in the league. He will be paid like it too. You may want to take your own advice.
  10. Yeah, that clip starts a little late, but i believe he actually ran through 3 tackles on that play, 2 of which grabbed at his mask. I think that clip actually started after the one in the backfield. Either way, it was still nasty. I actually think he always runs hard, he always finishes his runs and is physical. That said, there is a obvious special motivation on that run. He was really mad and he was on another level. He felt he scored on the fumble. Maybe we need to use the waterboy tactics with him. lol
  11. Lol, guess we should make Free wear a bell while he's breaking ankles and eating yds.
  12. Yeah , some of our fans always look for something bad to say about our great players. No matter how good they play. While lesser players on other teams are praised. It's mind boggling.
  13. So for a recap... Jordan Howard who took only 654 snaps is proof of him not wearing down like freeman did at 746. ok. oh and Freeman still finished with 4.0 ypc in this epic drop off. And Yes David Johnson was on the field for 900+ snaps. He produced 1239 yds rushing at 4.2ypc and 879 yards receiving. Great season... Freeman was on the field 300 less snaps to put up 1241yds rushing at 4.5 ypc and 630 yds receiving.... Great season also. Freeman also had 27 less carries and still gained more yards. Noone is also considering that when Freeman supposedly ran out of gas, not only was the team down, but it also came after the nasty concussion he received in the TB game. Could have had some ill effects from that also. This whole argument is pointless. You are not providing very good examples to support your case. Almost Every team rotates backs today. Its been shown that backs who take alot of snaps like Johnson, its typically not good for them. There is always an exception to the rule.
  14. Awesome video. That run against the 9ers was sick. He punished them.