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  1. You said he is better than Baker. You could have just said he is better than a turnstile at Six Flags.
  2. Seriously? That's the measuring stick? If thats the case , then J Matthews is a sure fire HoF'er. Look, the guy is serviceable. He got beat like a drum in the SuperBowl. But, we now live in a time where serviceable gets you PAID and O line players are at a premium. I mean, we now have G in the NFL making 12m a year. So yes, J Matthews will get paid by the Falcons because he is serviceable. Is he Tyron Smith? H3ll naw. Is he Sam Baker? H3ll naw. He is Jake Matthews. The new breed of oline player. Where you will be rich if you are just good enough.
  3. Truth. For those of you that don't believe this just go ask Brady. This kid beasted. ****, hate even thinking about that game.
  4. So much nope. H3ll to the naw.
  5. Seriously? You believe that? Before last season 75% of this board wanted to oust Ryan..
  6. And yet here you are. Get on group me and trade me Dak!
  7. No sir. We have some good mods for that. They let some get away with things more than other sites , but overall do a good job.
  8. Honest question. If said thread is unnecessary, then what would you call a response to an unnecessary thread?Just curious. Your response, my rebuttal all keep this thing bumped at the top. Seems self defeating.
  9. It did work. You came busting in here like the thread police bud.
  10. To purposely p1ss you off. It worked!
  11. And by me saying that, I don't mean that Short isn't good. He is great. But in a short amount of time Watt has risen to HoF status and Donald isn't far behind. They are generational talents.
  12. Short isn't even in the same Galaxy as Donald. There is Watt, Donald, and everyone else.
  13. I love. Not even mad if 10 more threads are made about this. I can't stop reading this enough.
  14. This is crazy. I am very pleased!! Somewhere Quinn is smiling so big it hurts because now he knows the real chess game begins. Boys and gals, I think the best is yet to come. We haven't seen anything yet.