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  1. also I must apologize for voting bush so many orphans created because of opiates. Honestly how could you not believe in vampires, they created so many helpless parentless children.
  2. he's going to let the courts handle it, then when its legalized because medically it has its uses but since it was scheduled 1 and is controversial as a recreational drug because of whomever market share it ****s up it was essentially (absinthed) so to keep his hands clean he will let the courts decide. It's been a month, you'll get your oil also your weed is grown in Cali wash co. not Mexico if it is kys.
  3. if it bleeds we can kill it
  4. maybe they think taking out the narco terrorists is the first step needed? B b but muh weed. he's obviously going to let the courts decide on controversial issues such as these.
  5. SHE ALMOST DIED IN SEPTEMBER this is just a Jo.
  6. i dont look at weed science as bro science but i can see how some old schoolers do.
  7. I'm not a fan of letting the courts decide buuuuuut its a great way for Trump to keep his hands clean of what is after all drugs. He's straight edge if he were fourth years younger he'd probably be an afi fan.
  8. I was close to pm'n you an confessing my cares for you, I genuinely hope the best for you and your family and doggies I actually pray and **** for the lot of you that have become characters in my online "lyfe" all the old posters too bf jkr nzt the ones I can barely remember their sn's but still remember their personalities and wish the best for them.
  9. slavery is still legal around the world, not muh cuntry who cares? Well that **** spills over here. It maybe illegal here and trump maybe a ****** sequal but he's doing it.
  10. not you
  11. the alt right is a made up term by liberals to define a group of people in a negative light neocons love it because it takes the attention off their evl shts.
  12. yeah you start with the johns and low level pawns and work your way up. There's more than just the Superbowl stings. also just trump talking about this terrible issue is going to make a difference those are the last kind of creeps that want a light shines on them.
  13. do you think you truly understand ? Because you don't, sorry but modern day slavery is pretty fkn prevelant http://www.missingkids.com/KeyFacts half a million missing kids in this country in this day and age, not muh kid not muh slavery. That is more than the height of the legal slave trade in America. Also the constitution constructors allowed for the constitution to eventually outlaw slavery, that **** was solved and president trump is invested in anihalting modern slavery. That five hundred plus thousand missing children isn't even including young women 18 + or men. Your ignorance is almost offensive but how could I edgelord be offended. Just stop being a triggered *****.
  14. i can provide but again theres a lot of media silence on it, its a touchy subject obvi.
  15. im not a journalist, i have my limitations, since i do 100% of my posting from a windows phone, it isnt mental limitations its technological. I can source a lot of the arrests for you, but it would probably easier for you since youre a fkn lawyer and have better access to such information. There are some dedicated bloggers on it who have creds. But its not muh new york times so i didnt bother