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  1. And LB being the End of an EDGE?
  2. Howard was a 3-4 DE alonside NT Poe So if added it be 1T Poe 3T Howard in whatever set
  3. Wes can't play OT in NFL
  4. Ehh 3rd LB. Reed will most likely stay as a Rotational DE. Too slow LB
  5. **** can Worrilow get out of his nose at 1:20
  6. I have no problem in letting Wes/Ben/Hugh fight it out
  7. Thats where i listed him. From left to right
  8. Crawford/Shelby-Poe-Hageman-Reed
  9. I wouldnt be mad at looking at that DT from Bama or the DT from IOWA
  10. TD said Poe said he was impressed with our D and they are gonna see where he chooses
  11. almost nutted