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  1. So to assume the game takes three and a half hours, that's too close to call. Remember there are no storage facilities at the airport, and the one on Forsyth opens funny hours at the best of times, so you'd be wasting a good 30-40 minutes just getting to collect your luggage. Even leaving it at the hotel is time wasted. If your flight was an hour later i'd be more inclined to give it a go.
  2. Barnett or Reddick. Is a guard a position to really want to move some for in the first? I just don't see that.
  3. I believe Quinn and Dimitroff have both mentioned this in interviews, is speed and urgency (to go along with the CT mantra). Looking forward to next week!
  4. That would be good to hear about. I'm travelling from the UK so of course a season ticket isn't a realistic option, but a STH (or should we call it a PSLH?) Single game ticket presale like they have at the Giants, etc would be a real help.
  5. Looking for one ticket for Packers game, and possibly one for each of Vikings and Saints. Bears tickets should be sorted on Monday and then a wait for Lions ticket information.
  6. Looks like I'll be at the first 3 games, and maybe having saved up enough to get the back to back sun/Thurs home games as I won't be over in 2018. So any news on single game tickets, season ticket/PSL holder presales for single tickets, etc, let us know. Get to visit a friend in Chicago and then get 6 days out at Zion and Bryce, and finish up visiting another friend who had the misfortune of missing our Wembley collapse but being over in London for the Chiefs whipping the following year, in Detroit.
  7. Seattle had a bye week in the lead up to our game last year.
  8. Can never have too many home games! Have to retrieve my sides, sorry.
  9. Isn't this topic a case of what we predict someone else would do and not what we would do ourselves? Think, not a want (at least as a first rounder bearing in mind what other strong positions are available).
  10. Baker or Rivers if Lamp has already been selected, of course if we find a trading partner my hunch is we'll trade back and look to target either one there instead.
  11. Bucs (a) Packers SNF Jets Lions Panthers (h) TNF Saints (a) MNF BYE Bills Cowboys SNF or Fox double header Seahawks Bucs (h) Vikings Bears Patriots SNF Dolphins Saints (h) Panthers (a)
  12. Same here. Planning another trip over in either September or October. Hoping to get to some different stadiums (Ford Field, Ray Jay, BOA) and of course MBS.
  13. Tampa on the road first up, followed by Packers/Saints (home) SNF is my guess.
  14. Meanwhile the sports media over here seem more concerned that such an important European game had to be postponed rather than scouring for information on what happened, why it happened and who did it. Halfwits. But as long as everybody on social media shows "solidarity" and sings a song or two in support the problem is solved. On a footballing note, always enjoy watching Dortmund when they're on TV here, but as TV rights have changed somewhat that is not as common as it once was.