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  1. So his dad can say they are not a violent family. Does that include his son, the bomber in that particular statement? I'll just believe whatever his father says even though he just decided to detonate (or, just for you, be in the vicinity of an explosive device) and kill people.
  2. Well didn't his father release a statement today saying they are not a violent family and it is not in them to do this. Yep, more bollocks spouted by the family of a bomber. Trotting out the "watch the spike in hate crimes now" approach to divert attention. His younger brother now arrested in Tripoli.
  3. They would also give warnings it was about to happen, so that gave security time to move people away (well, as many as they could). The bomb exploded in the worst place it could. Right outside the arena doors where parents would've been waiting to collect their children after the show. The venue is above a train station, and there's a bottleneck right by the doors as standing patrons also have to use the same concourse next to those doors.
  4. He's building a defence that thrives on what they do best, finding fits with players and positions they work at their best. That's a better indictment of what we've got right now, and it's one I won't doubt until proven otherwise. So, until we win a superbowl I'd imagine. Then it'll be the Quinn defensive plan helped by an up and coming head coach in Manual. Get ready for the spawn of the Quinn coaching tree.
  5. Structural steel is completed. Daktronics are sending 40+ trucks from South Dakota for the halo board.
  6. We also have a Thursday night home game, so if they are continuing the colour rush idea, the red from last year might also have an outing?
  7. Sounds like a rusher with an edge. I can't wait for this team to pound opponents into the dirt more often. Some really encouraging signs towards the end of the season. Bring on the opener in Chicago!
  8. As far as I know that had stopped a few years ago. Had to use a luggage storage company on Forsyth instead. That was at the start of my trip and so after popping to Buckhead to sort out a US SIM, buy some other bits I hadn't got round to before the trip, MARTA had delays which meant missing closing time and picking my car up at the airport and spending the night with next to no luggage (charger adaptor was in my luggage) and having to rush back the following morning which took me 2 hours or so after leaving Fairburn. If you do manage to find somewhere to store your luggage at the airport let me know, just for future reference.
  9. Maybe it was me skimming an article on the NFL website, but Neal was in at 97, and has now disappeared from the article.
  10. Music by his fellow countrymen. Let's get ready to pancake!
  11. Why? Now is the best time to get a new scouting department organised ready to start on the 2018 class, so it really isn't a surprise. The surprise would've been the timing of Indianapolis getting rid of Grigson in January.
  12. Get Finn in on it, he's far less likely to block you for any kind of interaction.
  13. Well so far, so wasteful. Parkhurst at fault for both goals. Firstly being too hesitant to cover and secondly for showing Acosta the inside. Good to see them pressing high up the pitch, albeit it at times like headless chickens.
  14. This will be the first time on UK television today. I'll have to tune in to see what all the fuss is about.
  15. He could've mispronounced everything in that announcement and it'd still be worthy of my time watching it. Stick it to them Eagles like we'll stick it to them Cowboys this coming season!