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  1. Just before the draft, if at all.
  2. Stadium looks well set up (crowd close enough to the pitch) for a temporary solution.
  3. I believe I had us down for 11 wins last season, and I'm going to go for 11 this. First home playoff game at the new stadium after a week of rest. The team has a direction, and a playing identity.
  4. Nicotero mentioned at WSC that the remaining episodes will have more action. Showed us a video of Andrew Lincoln and JDM giving him the Lucille treatment.
  5. Makes our team better. Can't complain.
  6. So they scored 2 field goals. Nice! Probably more exciting than any Cleveland game from the past goodness knows how many seasons (sorry, Cleveland).
  7. Playing in the snow is usually fun. In London the chances of snow before a frozen pitch curtailed proceedings was low so we didn't get the chance often enough.
  8. Not sure if broadcasters stateside have changed that, but everywhere else the home team is always first on screen. Leagues where each team in a division (i.e. 16/18/20/24 teams) plays each other "Home and Away".
  9. We're set up well on the back end. So with whoever and whatever they do there i'd be confident it'll work out. Load up.
  10. Just had my batch of laughing gas for the day.
  11. The Italians would probably counter with the art of defending. True, some games can be a snoozefest, others lopsided, like any sport. If they have a double header weekend I'd like to add an MLS game in. If not a college game, Clemson perhaps.
  12. Terrell McClain Calais Campbell Malcolm Smith.
  13. The only bubbles they've been blowing are from the corners of their eyes and nose. You don't want something as stupid as bubble machines by the pitch do you?!
  14. Not forgetting CJ Goodwin. Didn't notice much of him or Olatoye in the second half after positive impressions in the first. Now picking a CB who they could see transition to FS maybe? Could Jackson be one of those?
  15. Exactly. Now if they'd have overcome an 11 point deficit with 2 minutes or whatever small amount of time was left, then colour me impressed.