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  1. Don't think playing armchair GM over someone not picked deserves it own thread man. Post on the main draft thread.
  2. Yeah they might move Ward to the practice squad. Good insurance back if one of the three in Freeman/Teco/Hill goes down. On a side note, Hill might be insurance for if Freeman doesn't get a contract agreed upon with us.
  3. We still have Ward too, right? Love our RB group. One of the best in the league.
  4. After everything with Turner and Stephen Jackson, I don't trust old once-was RBs. If the Saints get him I won't be scared. I'd be more fearful of a young elusive back. Not that AP can't have good runs, but he isn't what he once was.
  5. I had class with Shawanye Lawrence at GA state. Awesome guy. Hope we pick him up.
  6. Thanks for your time with us, Chester! Hope he does well with the rest of his life.
  7. I loved the **** out of Snelling when he was here. I always felt he ran hard and did his job whenever he was given the ball. I felt when Turner lost a step that Snelling should have been given the chance the start. Otherwise, Abraham, Matt, Roddy, Freeman, and Julio. Always play(ed) ) hard and have unique personalities that define them.
  8. How good would you guys say he is compared to Hageman and Babs?
  9. Why are we talking about the Patriots
  10. Good luck Worrilow, you always put in great effort with us.
  11. Good depth
  12. Would be awesome if he panned out. This would end up being one of the greatest drafts in Falcons history if so.
  14. No I don't like that. We still have some depth needs. Stay put and draft where you are. Quinn will get good players regardless, even if they aren't considered "top tier."
  15. Mmmm I honestly can't say I know what Quinn would or would not do, but I think he would rather draft his own pro bowl and all pro worthy players rather than pay an already established one a ton of money and trade franchise players for him.