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  1. Ok, so it played a little better last year. It certainly had a couple better lineman and we played a lot of eight man fronts and pressed more than the almost exclusive cover 3 shell of M Smith. But we need a lot more help on the defensive line. These teams are going to show us that this year. Watch.
  2. Because " The needs of the line outweigh the needs of the secondary ".
  3. Yep. It's not like the parts we drafted suck or something. It's just that building a defense is building a machine to do certain things. We didn't draft the parts we needed most and drafted other good parts that would be good if our foundation was better. our lines need to be better.
  4. ^ This. We are in trouble now. In a couple years Beasly might be really good , and we may luck out and ink someone decent for the other side out of free agency. If we still have a good penetrating tackle, we would finally have a good line with no depth. To end up with a line that can rotate and apply pressure would require a couple years of all the right moves (like Dan Reeves did) . I hope we get there
  5. God we needed Lawson
  6. Lol. Ok I agree.
  7. Ahh, we can all relax now. Thank god we didn't waste a bunch of money on a contract for the best linebacker in the draft when we have no depth on our defensive line. And we could use a starter on our defensive line.
  8. Lol, that would be better than our current five picks
  9. Lawson, Robinson, Buckner. But we're going to draft a flashy skill position player to try and play behind a bad line
  10. Listen, both mizzu players were really good. Not just "able to play I. The nfl" not just "starters in the nfl" but "GOOD STARTERS IN THE NFL". I keep reading that draft kings worth their salt in the NFL routinely field five probowlers out of every draft. I can tell you that isn't true at all. A good scout can identify players who's skills will translate to the current and immediate future NFL as it relates to their talents. Top ten or top twenty picks do not count as prophecy picks. In this respect Demitroff has been pretty good. He seems to wiff on the LOS picks. Wish we could get that sorted.
  11. If he can stay healthy, Weatherspoon can play any linebacker spot.
  12. This defensive line has NO depth sir. It barely has effective starters. Please believe it.
  13. I think we need a defensive lineman in round one. As in hand in the grass. And we could get one at 17. We have no depth there guys. J Anderson was supposed to be in his best years right now. Tackling pillows.
  14. I agree. We need effective defensive line first anyway. Right now it is TOTALLY ineffective. It has completely lost the ability to apply pressure. Opponents know this. Once you have lost the ability to apply pressure, it's over really. Everything you try following that is just smoke and mirrors but no one buys into it. Doesn't matter how you dress up the play pre snap. You're not scaring anyone. Remember the line we had with Kerney and Smith? And was catfish on that line too? The linebackers behind that line had a field day. Because their defensive line was effective. Not some bad joke with a vicious bark and last in the league in sacks................
  15. Well they drank the Deangelo Hall kool aid also, so I'm not surprised.