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  1. Can't remember a time I was ever this excited about our defense. We're gonna get after some *** next year on defense, I think Quinn has made that his mission. Fast and physical!
  2. Special teams could certainly improve in the return game.
  3. I'd just hate to pass on Baker. I think the guy has potential to be really productive in the right situation.
  4. If we drafted Cam Robinson in the first and traded our 2nd and 3rd to move up in the 2nd to get Budda Baker ? I'm not sure on Schweitzer, but Robinson would give us a long term solution at guard while also being able to move to tackle if need be. Drafting Budda Baker would give us the out fielder we desperately need at FS.
  5. lmao right, don't know why he added that k at the end.
  6. I think you missed the point. He wasn't saying that Vick didn't have character issues. He was saying even IF Vick walked the straight and narrow, he was injury prone, thus couldn't stay healthy enough to give us a solid chance at a Super Bowl in the way Ryan does.
  7. I don't think Brian Poole has enough athleticism to be considered a true upgrade over Allen. He's great where he's at, imo.
  8. If his last name wasn't Watt, he wouldn't be getting the attention he's getting right now. But he is a good player, and I'm not taking that away from him. I'd just rather have Lawson or Harris.
  9. Idk what you're talking about man, the Super Bowl was definitely cancelled this year.
  10. Make him drink his own piss !
  11. Mayock was really hyping up Sidney at the combine. We don't really have a need at corner, but he could be potential trade stock in the future or maybe a replacement for Alford when the time comes. I'd rather have some depth at LB or on the offensive line in the 3rd/4th but I wouldn't be opposed to it.
  12. Less bold prediction. Brady doesn't make it past 8 games next season. He gets hurt mid season. Pats still make the playoffs.
  13. Take him to Magic City!!
  14. If Chester is where we are setting the bar, then yeah he'd be an alright pickup I doubt he'd be an upgrade at this point in his career, though. I'd rather draft a guard than grab Mathis.
  15. Barwin and Poe would be reasonable picks we wouldn't have to break the bank for. No to Mathis. He's 35 and despite being a great guard for his whole career, he's recently been trending downwards.