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  1. I feel like I remember seeing him in some commercial, can't remember what it was though
  2. What endorsements does ryan have? Anyone know?
  3. For those that didn't catch on, they are making fun the SB loss. Notice the numbers on the jerseys. Whatever, the bucs have some work to do before they are relevant
  4. I agree KS had a lot to do with our success as well as MR. I just can't for the life of me figure out why Matt, knowing we should run the ball, stuck with the pass call. Even if KS didn't want plays changed or whatever, that dude was on his way out of town anyways..
  5. Yep, and had about as many F ups as he did catches. Guy can run though
  6. Thanks for posting. Seems like we could have used some of that clock management in the big game lol
  7. Trufant at FS??? Spoon to training camp???
  8. There I'll be plenty of talent left In this draft. Teams are drafting for needs
  9. I say give the guy a break. Let him express his emotions
  10. Well that's a first. Never seen anyone go off like that. Welcome to the brotherhood. #do it for GMA
  11. Better work
  12. I do like peppers a lot. Just seems like a playmaker even with the lack of ints. How far do you think they would have to move up for him?
  13. I like the staircase down they had for him. In all seriousness, pretty impressive
  14. I'm not making excuses for him. I was just stating that's it's easy to dilute your own urine on purpose.
  15. What do you mean? It's fairly easy to dilute urine. My guess is 1) he actually was sick and had a lot of fluids that caused the diluted test 2) he knew that NFL counted diluted test as a failed test, and would use the sick excuse as an escape route to him doing actual drugs 3) he just didn't know the NFL counted it as a failed test