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  1. Actually, Hardy isn't a very good route runner. That's the reason he didn't play in his rookie year -- that and not knowing the playbook. In college he'd basically just get open, not actually run a design. If he can improve in this area he'd be a HUGE short yardage, possession threat.
  2. I drank codeine yesterday. Had an awful cough
  3. I like the notion of following the opposing teams best receiver around the field.
  4. Honestly, that's a position where several former 'elite' players are regressing and passing the torch at this moment. I no longer consider Aqib Talib, Chris Harris, Darelle Revis (obviously), Joe Haden, Richard Sherman in that category. I never did for guys like DRC, Norman, Joseph, Butler. I consider only Patrick Peterson in that 'elite' category right now. He simply stands out as the best to me. I do believe, however, Xavier Rhodes, Marcus Peters and Tru will be joining him in that category this year, though.
  5. Wait so Campbell had 75% of his targets as catches or 25% then?
  6. I've never knocked Free. I've only tried to explain that there are only 2 elite RBs. And even they shouldn't be paid in today's NFL.
  7. I guess I was wrong -- you haven't watched them run routes. Let me know when Freeman splits out to the slot, runs a post and high points the ball like Julio. That's the type of receiving you get from DJ. I'm sorry, I love Freeman, but not every Falcon has to be the best in the league at their position.
  8. See now we're talking about two different things. I didn't allude to 'physical' traits at all. Beyond running the ball, Have you seen DJ run routes and catch? Or LeVeon? I know you have so let's just agree they are lightyears better than Freeman or Gurley in that regard.
  9. Todd Gurley cannot run WR-like routes like LeVeon and DJ. Also, DJ had a terrible OL too and still produced. Gurley is overrated.
  10. He was fired because a player (Freeney) coached the DL better than he did.
  11. Being the 'best' means being the most talented. The most feared. A player that can operate without help. When AP went down for the year he was still the best. Same with Brady. Same with Revis. Availability doesn't dictate talent. However, this is precisely why you don't pay RBs. They give you "elite" play then they are gone. On to the next one.