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  1. This guy reeks of "I think I'm a genius". I like his videos, I think he's smart, but jeez he needs to tone it down a bit. Jackson at 12 is lols
  2. A random *** article about it was posted a month ago
  3. Nice knowin ya
  4. Mocks are fun and kill time during the offseason. Don't overthink it.
  5. ur not good at this
  6. My post was from almost a month ago. Congrats that the actual 'official' move came today and you can bump old threads like a dumb ****
  7. I feel bad for Demarcus Walker. His fall from grace has been pretty sad to watch.
  8. It'd be cool for you to be right. It would be a big win for your formula as well. I definitely will remember Daseshon Hall moving forward because of our discussions and you're the one who gets all the credit if he does. But I just dont see it. Good luck.
  9. If we stayed put we would have had Baker or Peppers. Probs a better bet imo. And Willis or Bowser are both better than Hall. Even Brantley would be a better pick there. The rest of the picks I'm not upset with really -- solid depth. I just don't like Daeshon Hall.
  10. Completely wrong. Starting from a seated position makes it infinitely harder.
  11. Probably, yeah. That's some pretty good company.
  12. He had no other choice basically.
  13. Has there ever been a prospect as well liked as Reddick by Falcons fans? Even Vic had more haters coming out. I have yet to see one person talk badly about Reddick's game -- that means a lot.
  14. **** no. i wouldnt take dalvin cook in the 7th. dude is the next greg hardy