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  1. I would be SO down with Davis in the 1st. Also, I've watched Maye tape and honestly, I'm not terribly impressed. I want a centre field, rangy, instinctive cover guy as our FS. I think that's what this D needs. Mate just seems OK to me.
  2. Let's call in Aquaman
  3. I'd splooge also, all this talk about Watt as a LEO is strange. I think he fits the Michael Bennett role so much better. Not to say he can't play LEO, but still.
  4. People don't realize how banged up the Falcons actually were in the SB. I bet you Mack doesn't get steam rolled leading to "the sack" if he's healthy.
  5. I've watched more Norwood highlight videos than Vick. That was my dude. But also Dunn -- loved his style. One im not proud of is Curtis Lofton. When he and Spoon played together it was awesome. Random one but Jacquizz Rodgers is a guy I really liked too. Almost ironically.
  6. I think Reuben Foster falls big time. Would you draft him (lol)?
  7. The diffence between Reddick and Bowser is the ability to create TFLs. Reddick lives in the backfield. He has a natural ability to disrupt plays. Bowser does too, but not like Reddick. That's why there's a whole round grade difference between them. Other than that they are extremely similar, yes.
  8. Also, there is something to be said for how intelligent Obi is. The guy is gifted academically. And FS requires a very smart individual willing to put in the study hours to master. Obi has that trait. And the physical traits. Good combo.
  9. I'm a massive fan minus Hodges. I'm OK with TE there, but I'm really not a Hodges fan. im a huge Tyus Bowser fan, though. Minus Reddick, he's my favourite prospect in the draft (that's in our range). He's REALLLLY good. 8 sacks in 8 games and was asked to drop in coverage a TON.
  10. I feel like we can do better than King. And I'm a big King fan. Other than that classic good KoG mock
  11. Lol @ all these comps. Every single one features the current NFLer being a better athlete.
  12. Also, leave it to Scar to start the dumb stuff in this mock
  13. The only way I see Reddick falling to us is if a number of QBs are picked in the first round. There's so much defensive talent that Reddick may slip through due to teams simply picking who they think is BPA. For example, if it's between Reuben Foster (who will slip) and Reddick who do you pick? Also, Jarrad Davis will likely be a late first pick. If you're the Steelers for example, do you pass on the next Bobby Wagner (Davis) for Reddick? It could happen. But if teams are actually smart (they aren't) and bypass this crappy QB year, then Reddick is not at 31. Not even close.
  14. Idk why Schaub is on the team. These should be the years that a young guy is moulded into the future while sitting behind Ryan.