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  1. "Hit" and "destroy" would be my choice.
  2. NFL teams must know more than we do because this is the report I heard too. Apparently he just pushed her away. He's a Florida guy so I'm sure DQ has done his homework.
  3. I wanted the team to take him to play FS. A few people on Twitter were concerned that he might be too aggressive and give up big plays.
  4. Yeah. I don't actually know anything about him.
  5. You don't keep two kickers on the roster so no. Get a new one when you need one. We saw with Shayne Graham when Bryant was injured in 2015 that vets can be found to do it.
  6. There's a load of guys still on the board who I actually really like.
  7. Are those the guys we had visits with still on the board?
  8. Man I completely forgot Carl Lawson was still available. His medical must have been horrific.
  9. Patriots trade away all their picks, still get Rivers and Garcia. Well played.
  10. I mean it had been reported pre-draft that the Falcons had taken him off the board due to off field concerns.
  11. Tim Williams was apparently off our board. Riley vs. Rivers vs. Dorian Johnson would be a more fair question.
  12. That's a good pick. Replaced Debo and played really well. That's 3 young, athletic linebackers.
  13. Good, athletic linebacker.
  14. Didn't really think of Duke Riley but I like the pick.
  15. ****. That pick is a tough one to take.