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  1. I'm from the UK. A better question for me would be whether I would support another team if they moved over here.
  2. Starting cornerback jobs after the previous guys are cut.
  3. I would look ridiculous in some of the Instagram photos that these guys post.
  4. I'm not going to bet against him. He loves football and will work his *** off. Bloodlines is a good thing when it means you're learning off one of the best defensive players of all time.
  5. There's isn't really anybody. This is a group of hardworking dudes who fit the vision. I wouldn't have paid Schaub but it is what it is.
  6. If Brown ends up not working out at LB he could be a **** good fullback.
  7. That's not flaming, man. It was respectful. You're good.
  8. What's even funnier is that TB have brought in Nick Folk as competition and could easily cut Aguayo.
  9. By all accounts he was a huge help for Beasley - that's worth $1 million by itself.
  10. I think Reddick falling is optimistic but I would like it. I think DQ loves Conner too. I would like a guard personally in the first few rounds. I think trusting Wes/Garland is a risk considering neither of them have ever really played there.
  11. I wouldn't draft a full back personally. I think you can get a good one for free. I do think we could upgrade, though.
  12. I'm basing this off the prospect rankings on so you could be right. I was slightly surprised he didn't run faster.
  13. I'm just not sold on Rivers. I think he's fine in the mid rounds but I want to see him show more aggression. He's got potential, though.
  14. Because if there's one thing that DQ has shown it's that he loves guys who massively underperformed at the combine!
  15. I can understand why people are hesitating on Jake Butt. As I say, I think he's a better version of Tamme. He's not this downfield threat but he's got good hands and can make the tough catches. He needs to go somewhere with a good QB and a WCO would suit him due to the fact that he doesn't get the best separation.