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  1. I would love this. I worry about Budda getting past the Browns and Niners, as both need DBs badly. But if that happened it'd be sick.
  2. Goodness gracious I can't wait for this draft. Stories breaking about us liking all kinds of players. The pick is gonna surprise a lot of folks, I can feel it.
  3. lmaooo this is never gonna die
  4. http://www.ajc.com/sports/football/falcons-are-monitoring-jerrell-freeman/ZRSiFwLFWn8lVsa85Q2YhK/
  5. mcclure has sources man. he knows who the team is looking at, thats why it's important to pay attention when he namedrops.
  6. That's be really cool. We'd have an embarrassment of speed.
  7. Yeah you can add Obi in there, don't think we've shown interest in Josh Jones
  8. Alright so Baker/Evans/Willis/Bowser
  9. So much respect for Paul Millsap for coming out and finally punking Markieff Morris. Been huge for the whole confidence of the team.
  10. I saw a tweet earlier that said a few NFL teams value Solomon Thomas as a mid first. That'd be a nice pickup if true, can play 3T in passing situations.
  11. Taurean is gonna be really good. Feels good.
  12. Please let the Panthers trade up for Fournette. I think that duo of him and Cam has the potential to be extremely scary, but that'd be a colossal misuse of resources. He'd have to be the best RB in football for it to be worth and even then...
  13. I don't want Jabrill. Most of the time when guys get caught at the combine, it's not extremely shocking. Everything I've read and seen about Jabrill leads me to believe his story. Now if stories of failed drug tests at UM start popping up then so be it.
  14. That doesn't sound like Jabrill. I'm inclined to believe his story.