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  1. See I could do with Kittle in the 5th. That'd be good value for a guy with his skillset and numbers.
  2. Dennis playing with a ton of heart out there good to see. That could be a turning point..
  3. Blowing an 18 point lead at home to the Booker, Bledsoe, Knight, Chandler less Suns. Consecutive losses to the Nets Suns and Sixers inbound?
  4. Goodness man it's the Suns without Booker, Bledsoe and Knight. How do you squander a lead to that.. their entire team is in foul trouble too.
  5. I'd definitely take the way the Panthers lost over ours. Every time a Super Bowl is close- "There has only been one overtime game in history. When the Patriots came back from 25 down to beat the Falcons" Every time a team is down big in the Super Bowl they'll bring this game up. Every time the Falcons blow a lead folks are gonna wonder if we're shook. This is gonna be all over Tom Brady's HOF reel Panthers lost and let Peyton ride off ito the sunset which is what the game will mostly be remembered for. In 10 years no one will remember the Panthers record or how polarizing that whole Panthers team was. Is what it is, I woulda took a close loss over that. Obviously a win is the ultimate goal. We're gonna get **** for that game even with a ring though.. we just won't care as much after that.
  6. They were all legit though. And we got a pick 6 out of it so I'm not complaining.
  7. Kittle is good but not really dynamic. I'd rather wait to take a tight end with that skill set.
  8. Sounds bad if he can't power through it for this playoff push. That game vs Chicago is especially important to win. Seems to me like he'll be hampered the rest of the year.
  9. We have a big game vs Chicago, a loss there and playoffs should be firmly in doubt.
  10. If Millsap doesn't come back vs the Suns, it's safe to say they are probably hiding something bad.
  11. I'm assuming he's going to, he'd be wise to cash in on a weak class for bigs and try to get to NBA health facilities ASAP.
  12. Yeah I'm pretty much settled on Giles after looking around a bit more. In the 18-20 range you really can't do better from a risk-reward standpoint.
  13. Philadelphia or Minnesota depending on the health of Simmons/Embiid. Philly is going to be dominate if those two stay healthy, they still have lottery picks coming in too, with a buttload of capspace and rookie contracts. Who do you think has a brighter future.. those teams you mentioned or the Hawks? And what are the Hawks doing in the meantime that makes it worthwhile?
  14. So annoying. Chris Paul and Deron Williams were right there lol. Past draft was described as a 2 man draft with Simmons and Ingram. Will have to see with Simmons, Ingram is much improved after the allstar break. Devin Booker scored 70 last night, KAT is averaging 25 and 12 in his second year from the previous draft. Spurs are the only team right now that contends with back end 1st rounders and 2nd rounders, even then their engine was a #1 pick and now it's a superstar in Kawhi (pick #15). Cavs don't use the draft anymore, Warriors are built around lottery picks, a 2nd rounder, and smart FA signings. Compared to the Hawks who only drafted one of their starters at the moment. THJ is in a grey area, he was traded for using a pick (and is probably better than anyone we'd get at that pick) but we didn't even get a full length contract out of him.