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  1. Matt's gonna run this O... with the help of Sark, we may be even better
  2. The Sledge Hammer and our D### is gonna be
  3. I am worried about Luke&Cam those motor neurons are in decline.... four shore....
  4. and He will know Jack and Beastly and the Bro's
  5. There's a new sheriff in town and He is The Poe Poe
  6. Love it, that may be the best mock I have seen... yet
  7. I think maybe in the third round best C/G available even it's a tackle
  8. I believe that is correct
  9. Pretty good mock there
  10. espn 2
  12. Burkhead in BUCKHEAD
  13. So according to history, who will win it next year?
  14. Pats may not even get to the post season next year I hope we thump them front running M#@$$%^&&ers
  15. @SAINTRAY playoffs u talkin bout playoffs? lol