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  1. I like the fact that the line is there
  2. I went to school for 7 years and I am still a sophmore.. like bluto in perpituity ...
  3. Testing 1...2...3... is this thing on? Congratulations from a GDI
  4. I'll settle for Maye ,Pocic,Watt ,Mckensie a good D tackle and another either FB or edge guy
  5. D### better with Poe and if Crawford balls out... we could be special...
  6. nice indeed but give me Isaiah McKenzie and Marcus Maye in the 2nd and 7th rounds
  7. I was a passenger in a Superbird that was travelling over 200 mph once on 75/85 by the old stadium we could have made that jump
  8. I thought we would get Ragland but I wanted a safety so I am glad last year turned the way it did( this year I would'nt mind an edge guy in the first but I really want M Maye in the second )
  9. Matt's gonna run this O... with the help of Sark, we may be even better
  10. The Sledge Hammer and our D### is gonna be
  11. I am worried about Luke&Cam those motor neurons are in decline.... four shore....
  12. and He will know Jack and Beastly and the Bro's
  13. There's a new sheriff in town and He is The Poe Poe
  14. Love it, that may be the best mock I have seen... yet