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  1. They are organized. Arthur Blank bought them matching uniforms.
  2. I'm absolutely certain Quinn had no clue who Takk was. He blindfolded himself, threw a dart at the draft board, hit Pioli in the butt, and said eff it. No one in the Falcons scouted him, called Jim Mora, or watched any tape on the kid to see if he could play. Heck I bet the entire staff was taking a piss when he was doing his combine workouts.
  3. If this was 4d Chess by the Falcons to get a run on TEs it seems to have worked.
  4. Here's to us drafting the next defenseman to knock Cam out.
  5. Threads like this one are why I care more about who is making our picks than I do about who we might draft. Both of the drafts in the Dan Quinn era have been successful drafts, so at this point I'm down with whoever they pick. Under Mike Smith I never felt at ease going into the draft because our draft picks were erratic. Sometimes they were impact players. Sometimes they were solid starters. Sometimes they contributed very little, and sometimes they were just bad. I never knew what the player would be.
  6. The NFL can only charge what people are willing to pay and they have to attract enough people to be profitable. I love the Falcons, but if they price me out of buying tickets (I can only afford to go to a couple of games per year) then I won't go. If they push enough people out then their games won't be televised and I will find something else to do on Sundays. Ultimately no one is forced to go to games, and if people can't offset the cost of their season tickets I recommend not purchasing them. It will force the NFL to chose a business model that benefits the fans they have priced out eventually or they will go out of business.
  7. I don't know that will be a bad thing. If the NFL is receiving a cut of secondary sales it may help reduce ticket prices, or at the very least help keep prices from rising further.
  8. I'm certain that they have thought this through enough to have solved that problem. The NFL is aware that a lot of people offset the cost of season tickets by selling tickets to games they can make good money on. If they cut into the secondary market and make it harder to buy and sell tickets less people will purchase season tickets and less people will be going to games.
  9. Deion Jones and Keanu Neal
  10. We should open an board for United FC!
  11. I thought the same thing. The one thought that helped me get over the Superbowl loss was Deion Jones' season. If year three is as good as year two our defense will actually be able to do something it hasn't been able to do in a long time and give our offense good field position in the middle of games.
  12. I'm a boring person, so I'd rather not bore any of them to death. Lol I think I would ask if they could hang out with my step-son for the day instead. He loves Julio, so I'll pick him.
  13. Nope, I would pack up all of my gear and my interest in the NFL would wane. If Atlanta got another team I would root for them instead.
  14. Neither the NFL or the NFLPA can stop them. It's not a team sponsored event and participation isn't mandatory. It's literally Matt calling guys up, finding a field they can use and everyone joining him.
  15. Or cause you to empty a cabinet of poetent poetables.
  16. I dunno, this could Poetentially be a good thing.
  17. Not just every athlete, everybody is that way. I've never understood why so many people expect athletes to be any different then they are. If any person thought they were being under-paid by $20k per year they would either ask for a raise or find a new job. He's not causing issues, bad mouthing the team, or saying he's going to hold out so what's the big deal?
  18. Looking at the number of starters we have drafted in the last two years I'm glad we aren't major buyers right now. When you can draft talent every year you don't have to sign big free agents.
  19. Freeman doesn't strike me as that kind of guy anyway. My read on this entire situation is that Freeman thought he should have been drafted higher originally and thinks he's proved that now. He wants to make what he thinks he's worth and would love for the Falcons to be the team that pays him. I don't see the issue with that and I would love to resign him. He's earned whatever he ultimately gets and he's been really classy about it. I don't get the problem a lot of people seem to have with him right now.
  20. I think you are looking at this the wrong way. I don't particularly like Uncle Luke's tweets or his wifes comments before the Superbowl, but I understand them. Freeman is being paid far under his value as a player. He would be stupid to continue to play at the current price when he's worth more. So I understand him wanting to renegotiate his contract, especially before the team signs free agents and drafts players. Right now Freeman can only lose money at the negotiating table. Having a better season next year doesn't really increase his value that much, but having a worse season can coat him a great deal. So wanting to negotiate now is his best play.
  21. I'm cool with whatever TD and DQ decide is best. Say what you want about TD's track record, but under his control we haven't had any issues signing talent and staying under cap since he's been here even if the board's definition of talent and his definition of talent have differed. He has managed our cap space very well. So if he and DQ think bringing in a high dollar free agent is the way to go then I trust that the contract won't hurt us in the long run and whoever they being in will contribute. I'm in the same place with Trufant and Freeman. I love both of them, but if they can't make the money work I trust that TD and DQ will find players to fill those roles and keep us competitive. So far they haven't given me a reason to believe otherwise.
  22. Resign Toilolo, let Tamme walk, draft another tight end in the later rounds.
  23. No. We were able to get a starting safety, two starting linebackers, and a starting tight end from our first four picks last year, and if he continues to develop we added a fifth starter in Schweitzer as well. We don't need to trade the house to get the number 5 pick.
  24. If NB wasn't a starting corner position in this defense it would...yeah.
  25. I might be the only person that didn't want Berry... He's the best safety in the league, if not cetainly top 5 and dude graduated from my high school. I grew up in Fairburn and the work he's done for the town has been heroic. But I would rather the team draft another safety or roll with Allen and focus on pass rush. After seeing Quinn and Dimitroff produce through the draft and sign key free agents I don't see the benefit of paying big money free agents. Draft good talent and we'll be fine.