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  1. They are organized. Arthur Blank bought them matching uniforms.
  2. I'm absolutely certain Quinn had no clue who Takk was. He blindfolded himself, threw a dart at the draft board, hit Pioli in the butt, and said eff it. No one in the Falcons scouted him, called Jim Mora, or watched any tape on the kid to see if he could play. Heck I bet the entire staff was taking a piss when he was doing his combine workouts.
  3. If this was 4d Chess by the Falcons to get a run on TEs it seems to have worked.
  4. Here's to us drafting the next defenseman to knock Cam out.
  5. Threads like this one are why I care more about who is making our picks than I do about who we might draft. Both of the drafts in the Dan Quinn era have been successful drafts, so at this point I'm down with whoever they pick. Under Mike Smith I never felt at ease going into the draft because our draft picks were erratic. Sometimes they were impact players. Sometimes they were solid starters. Sometimes they contributed very little, and sometimes they were just bad. I never knew what the player would be.
  6. The NFL can only charge what people are willing to pay and they have to attract enough people to be profitable. I love the Falcons, but if they price me out of buying tickets (I can only afford to go to a couple of games per year) then I won't go. If they push enough people out then their games won't be televised and I will find something else to do on Sundays. Ultimately no one is forced to go to games, and if people can't offset the cost of their season tickets I recommend not purchasing them. It will force the NFL to chose a business model that benefits the fans they have priced out eventually or they will go out of business.
  7. I don't know that will be a bad thing. If the NFL is receiving a cut of secondary sales it may help reduce ticket prices, or at the very least help keep prices from rising further.
  8. I'm certain that they have thought this through enough to have solved that problem. The NFL is aware that a lot of people offset the cost of season tickets by selling tickets to games they can make good money on. If they cut into the secondary market and make it harder to buy and sell tickets less people will purchase season tickets and less people will be going to games.
  9. Deion Jones and Keanu Neal
  10. I thought the same thing. The one thought that helped me get over the Superbowl loss was Deion Jones' season. If year three is as good as year two our defense will actually be able to do something it hasn't been able to do in a long time and give our offense good field position in the middle of games.
  11. I'm a boring person, so I'd rather not bore any of them to death. Lol I think I would ask if they could hang out with my step-son for the day instead. He loves Julio, so I'll pick him.
  12. Nope, I would pack up all of my gear and my interest in the NFL would wane. If Atlanta got another team I would root for them instead.
  13. Neither the NFL or the NFLPA can stop them. It's not a team sponsored event and participation isn't mandatory. It's literally Matt calling guys up, finding a field they can use and everyone joining him.
  14. Or cause you to empty a cabinet of poetent poetables.
  15. I dunno, this could Poetentially be a good thing.