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  1. I would follow them but my passion would likely fade over the exit 3-4 years...
  2. In his mock they do...so provide constructive feedback or leave it be. It's a mock
  3. I understand what Free is saying...but if we are playing the what if game, please pick up the block, Freeman
  4. I am aware of both points. It was a heck of a catch. It was also a great hit. The 2 aren't mutually exclusive.
  5. I know how to deal with Evans...
  6. Hope there is no drug test scheduled for him anytime soon.
  7. JJ looks like he is enjoying his pain meds...lol
  8. It's hard to believe Blank has already sold 30,000 season tickets. Amazing job
  9. I love soccer and enjoy the MLS, but I don't ever see it competing with EPL. Hope I'm wrong...Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the US and has been for a few years. But our top athletes will always prefer NBA, NFL & MLB. That makes it hard to compete...hope I'm wrong though.
  10. I can promise you, if the roles were reversed, NE's defense would have looked equally bad and gassed. No defense can deal with 90 plus plays
  11. Bro, between this order and your SB pizza order you're making me want to break my diet. Clearly you love your food...lol. Me too!!
  12. If he is a Garrett clone I'd be happy taking him in the 2nd
  13. True enough my friend. I should adopt your new approach and just sit back and enjoy. I believe we now have people who know what they are doing...so I should shut up and enjoy the ride!!