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  1. We grabbed Freeman in the 4th. I'll take Willis if available (or Baker) and keep the 4th round pick.
  2. I'd be tickled pink if we landed either Willis or TK. I wouldn't trade up and waste draft capital for either, but if available at 31 Id be thrilled
  3. How dare you bring logic to this debate!!!
  4. TD must be on these boards and worrying about making some posters mad with an un-sexy pick at 31...lol
  5. While I have absolutely no sympathy for him, I do sympathize for his family & loved ones.
  6. You are ornary and often off-point with your football analysis, but you crack me up.
  7. Guys, he is clearly posing a hypothetical to stir conversation. No need to attack him personally. The board is dead in the off season so I don't mind such hypotheticals
  8. We all know Jack Lambert was perfectly sane...lol
  9. Reuben Foster is the very definition of a Mike
  10. I would gladly move up to 16 if he falls. And I think he does slip a bit. We would have the fastest starting LB corp in NFL history
  11. My knickname for Ryan in 2017 is straight from Revelations: "Behold the pale horse...for on him is death, and **** followed with him." Ryan is the 'Pale Rider' this year. By God I feel sorry for those in his path this year.
  12. While I do really like Freeman, I don't like him or any other RB at over 5 million per year. Unfortunately I think he will ask for and receive 6-8 million per, and at that price I'd have to consider letting him walk. I do love Free, though...so whatever TD & Quinn decide, I'll be good with