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  1. yes but that still falls under the risk/reward scenario. he doesn't have a job because teams believe that his potential negatives outweigh his potential positives
  2. I pretty much feel the same way. Stupid to get upset over the protest, stupid to get upset over no team signing him
  3. I'm not outraged that he did it. On the other hand, I also think it is stupid to have a problem with no team wanting to sign him after all that. And if the employer didn't have a problem with it, Kaep would have a job in the NFL right now. They did nothing during the season because they were afraid of the PR backlash.
  4. I agree to this to an extent. There is just one thing being left out here....Kaep was doing his protest while 'on the clock' with his employer
  5. Orgazmo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  6. PETTY AWESOME! you mean
  7. and twogirlsonecup.com is a great site for baking recipes
  8. and I heard that lemonparty.com is a great source for lemonade recipes
  9. I can't believe people would engage in such behavior....you might as well lie about helping people on Mt. Rainier
  10. so he was correct and he is the one being petty? mmkay
  11. in before "It's a single, isolated instance"
  12. their parents can't stop them from getting Direct Loans
  13. what isn't standard is putting people in $50k-$100k in debt before they ever try to get a decent job granted, these kids don't have to take the loans but I have seen the crappy job most FA people do in explaining how things work and emphasizing the debt after graduation