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  1. water and dust just makes mud
  2. now you ****ed well know you ain't fired nothin but dust and cobwebs for at least 20 years you old codger
  3. my bad....thought the thread said "Sex For Sure"
  4. JDave I respect you more than most here but I think you are wrong here. I wouldn't dive into the mud with just any poster...just those that have shown that they either are willing to hit below the belt or those that just roll with the jokes. I have been blind, deaf, paralyzed twice, and currently walk with a cane. If anybody made a joke of that I would roll with it and laugh. But anybody willing to joke that hard (with me or any other poster) better be ready to deal with what I dish out without being a complete wuss
  5. does lying about your mountain climbing prowess still mean you beat me at it?
  6. and for God's sake don't let your dogs hang out with Dobermans. The Dobermans will brainwash and indoctrinate them my friend's Boston Terrier fell in with a group of Dobermans at the dog park. One day that Boston Terrier just blew up at all the dogs around him
  7. my bad....I apologize for blindsiding you
  8. y'all have to just excuse and ignore snake. he has a physical abnormality that prevents him from having depth perception and perspective on things
  9. certainly beats what he has to put on questionnaires: Professional ABF Troll
  10. Ouch. That kinda hurts
  11. I could be the guy who has the one thing that everyone else on the show covets more than anything but gosh darn it im just such a good guy nobody that matters can bring themselves to hate me
  12. well that is true. I just figured because of the lack of depth perception