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  1. Kyle is a lying POS. His ego don't allow him to regret.
  2. I'm glad you saw it too.
  3. What about J. Anderson, DE? What round was he in?
  4. No, he played MLB.
  5. To be fair, Cox should have been coaching LBs. He never played on the DL, so how could he tell them anything? Someone help me with this.
  6. Man, we have the most disrespectful RB in the game and he chose to throw the ball. Screw him with a rusty pipe.
  7. Cause that's what we do!
  8. Screw Shanahan.
  9. He run like TECO.
  10. He just needed his attitude adjusted.
  11. And even if we are, DQ is skilled enough to know how to use them and get the most out of them. Not like Smitty.