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  1. Maybe you're right. I hope do God the draft falls this way. I'll be in heaven.
  2. Chances are, your 2nd and 3rd round picks end up being 1st and 2nd round picks
  3. good but not even close to realistic
  4. Do we have a real convo where I get real answers or do I get PC answers? Former: Matt Ryan Later: Probably Freeman as he seems like the nicest guy on the team.
  5. Ryan Andersen has that get-off that I look for in a DE. Can't coach that speed. My only knock is he looks like he is unable to bend around the edge right now. If we can develop that in him, I think he could be a stud. Him and Beasley with their 1st steps would be **** hard to deal with, especially now with Poe.
  6. If Quinn see's something in him, I'm all for it. But looking at his game tape, I just dont see it. His get-off is like he's stuck in quicksand.
  7. Love it....Cant double Beasley, Poe and Grady.
  8. If we got TJ do we move Beasley back to LE full time or do one of them play the LEO?
  9. Or they got everything they needed to know at the combine
  10. My #1 realistic want
  11. If no deal gets worked w/ Free by draft time, I'd make a move, using free, for him on draft day.
  12. That's the exact post i saw that prompted me to make that comment. I'll change my position slightly on the subject. Its not a stupid argument in and of itself, but it is an argument that can be used in stupid ways. Fair enough @Knight of God? Wasnt meant to attack you bro, i have respect for the opinions you bring to the table.
  13. I hate the "it's not our money" argument. So as fans we should basically never criticize a player for eating into our salary cap without proportional production (Ray Edwards, Ed Hartwell, Kroy, Steven Jackson, The entire 2012 draft class) because we aren't writing the check out to him? If that's the case we should never complain about players, period. After all we aren't the ones paying them. Not to say i don't want Tru re-signed, i just think that argument is stupid.
  14. Met Money Matt, Jarrett, Beasley, Worrilow and coach Q last summer. They were doinga USO tour around PACAF and they came to my base. Beasley seemed a bit distant and not very warm or talkative, but I chalked it up to all the traveling, time zone changes and jet lag. Dude was prolly exhausted. I felt the need to let Grady subtly know that I wasn't just some Non-Falcons fan there to get autographs from NFL players, so When I went up and shook his hand I said "I'm so pleased to have you on the team. I grew up watching your dad dominate for us for over a decade, and I have a feeling it'll be no different for you". He looked at me and gave me the biggest grin. It was awesome. Coach Q was just as friggin awesome in person as he is in interviews. Dude is 100% genuine. Told him about how the year before, I was back home visiting family and was able to make it to the game where we crushed Houston. He was laughing and saying they needed to get a pool going to bring me to all the games. I actually called Matt Bryant, "Money Matt", LOL.
  15. Don't care if it's fair or not. Truly elite players dont have those kind of massive eff ups in those kinds of games. Freeman was and is a product of the system. I firmly believe there are several backs capable of doing what he does in the zbs.