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  1. If there was ever a year to move up and get your man, this is that year.
  2. Reminds me of a slightly slower Jerious Norwood
  3. We just need to roll w/ Schweitzer and grab a vet that gets cut in the preseason for insurance. If we take a flyer in the 5th, so be it, but rounds 1-4 could realistically give us some immediate impact guys this year. Would rather not throw away a pick just to fill a roster spot. Make them count. If Schweitzer gives any inclination that he will be a liability, make a move for a solid proven vet. I urge people to go back and look at Schweizers college tape though and remember that he ****-near took the job from Chester last year anyway. I think he'll be ready.
  4. This. Hard for them to look back and admit that they were wrong and that our drafting problems rested solely on Smith and his inability to clearly communicate the types of players he needed. I appreciate what he did for us, but it's beyond obvious that the guy just didnt know what he even wanted to do. His final season, picking up Soliai and Jackson, but staying in a base 4-3 should have been enough to tell people what was really going on.
  5. As much as i would hate taking an OG in the 1st, you gotta take this with a grain of salt. We have no idea who this source is. We can't tie any of his opinions with players his team has drafted to validate his reasoning. Could be a scout for a team that hasn't drafted a stud OL in a decade for all we know. For instance, would you take advice on drafting QB's from any of the Browns scouts over the last millenium?
  6. I remember a video posted last year w/ Quinn and TD talking about how if they dont come to a unanimous agreement on players either of them are eyeing, they dont pick either one. Essentially they both have to like the player at that pick to make that pick.
  7. I hope this isnt the direction we go. I see his ceiling as a 4-6 sack a year rotational guy. Nothing he does just jumps off the tape.
  8. Jesus Christ himself couldn't make an egg salad sandwich that tastes good.
  9. I can happily admit I wanted Matt the whole time and thought the Dorsey lovers were ridiculous.
  10. A big bruiser that can grind it out in the 4th and shove the ball in the endzone from the 2 would be very beneficial.
  11. Maybe you're right. I hope do God the draft falls this way. I'll be in heaven.
  12. Chances are, your 2nd and 3rd round picks end up being 1st and 2nd round picks
  13. good but not even close to realistic