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  1. Absolutely. Every player has that thing that makes him valuable. And it's many factors like you said. Not just one that makes him good.
  2. What guys arent getting is the game is changing/evolving. Right now the lumbering huge anything is not the game. It's small ball mostly. Just like in the NBA. Small ball has changed the game. It's the same in the NFL. We have fans that still want the 260 pound MLB and he just can't keep up with the way teams toss the ball around. Now if you can find a 260 pounder that can fly around like deep than absolutely get that guy but the TRADITIONAL DE, MLB, and RB's are changing. Now it may/will go back to old school ways in the future but for NOW small ball is the way to go. Until teams start running 60-70% of the time again.
  3. And the one thing nobody can measure is heart.
  4. I don't think they will do that. They don't seem to rush anybody. But you can afford to not rush players when you've built an atmosphere of competition.
  5. Just don't let him go until it's time. Preseason will show me what we have as it did with Wes last year. I think wes is our starter at RG when the dust settles and Harlow will push him while getting himself ready to become a starter in the future.
  6. And I agree wholeheartedly with this. I just don't feel we should let him go if we don't have to. Make sure his replacement is there 1st. Hopefully that is Harlow but like you said that's at least a year away.
  7. This is what gets me. As much as myself and guys like yourself have tried to tell the board the type of players Quinn likes for his system they still try and buck that with guys THEY like. It's not about what we like personally. It's about identifying "types" that fit. A lot of fan faves simply don't fit what we do in atl. And guys that fans don't even think about do. I like kayoh but a lot of times I see him post about players he absolutely loves but in no way shape or form fit what we do here. And not saying those guys aren't good players but I find it easy to pick players for us because I look at what works in the system first and not necessarily a guys raw talent level. Like I've told guys a player can be a 1st round talent but in our system may drop to a 5th round type talent because he doesn't fit but a 5th round talent that fits our system perfectly now plays like a 1st round talent. I think if the board starts evaluating players from that perspective it will help them understand the picks we make. I'm never mad or scratching my head with our picks anymore because I understood Quinn before he even got here.
  8. Why let levitre go when you don't have to? But to your point he probably will play LG later. For now he will battle for the RG spot.
  9. I think that's the plan. We didn't draft Duke because they weren't sure of Campbell. He was drafted to get younger, faster, tougher at linebacker and to replace WHEELER. Not Campbell. Quinn has already said duke will play inside so that sounds like Campbell moves to SAM.
  10. That's right I forgot we drafted one that fast. It's possible we carry 4 again. I don't think Perkins should be let go. He can cause issues for defenses. I think as much as sark uses TE's you may see us have 2 on the field at the same time more than before.
  11. I wouldn't say that. He's been a pretty good cleaner. It's not like earl Thomas never gets served by good qb's. Matt has served several times. The key to this system is the dline applying pressure so the backend can eat. I never said Allen can't be upgraded. I just said he's not as bad as made out to be. Especially when he was cleaning messes most of last season. This is his third year in the system. And regardless of how you felt about him if Quinn felt like you do he would've moved to get an upgrade at FS early. He's noted his confidence in Rico and I agree with him. I see what he ha seen in Rico. He was an eraser/cleaner and did a good job at it. This is a fact. I just think him being the FS doesn't stop anything or hinder it. Earl Thomas got run over by quizz and beat by Matt for a TD in 2012 which would be the equivalent of Rico in his 1st year in the system. This will be year 3. That's all I'm saying. Sometimes ppl act like they've never seen earl Thomas get done in. I've seen it numerous times. SHERMAN was the scary guy im that secondary to me. Not earl.
  12. Sark untilizes TE's. We'll have a thing lest 3 active. Hooper/Perkins/Toilolo
  13. Well 1st why would a safety be guessing when all he does is keep eyes on the qb? Allen isn't out there guessing for one. For two he was cleaning up a lot of rookie mistakes in coverage from the rookies. For 3 teams ran a lot of double seams at us which nataurally freezes tye FS in this system. That's how roddy was able to catch that TD on Sherman I'm the playoffs. Thomas got froze by a double seam. Allen has instincts. And if you had them as a corner you have them as a safety as well. It's about getting used to playing another position where you train a certain way vs the other. His instincts are still there. Why would you guess when the formation basically dictates what routes will more than likely come by how they are lined up. Then you watch the qb. If he turns his shoulders you turn your hips to that side and vice versa. Not a guessing game out there. It's matchups and chess. The qb's we faced last year we were only supposed to win 2 games let the board tell it. Allen is fine at FS. And this year with Debo, Neal, and Campbell knowing the system he will have the freedom to the more. I just don't see the problem with Rico that most of you see. He had two picks in The playoffs. Mostky because of dline play and the linebackers knew the system by seasons end. Mark Mu words. Rico will be a pro bowler if the dline plays like it did in the playoffs and the backers ball.
  14. I agree. He'd be a ball hawk single high safety I our systems. CB no.