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  1. That ball was not an easy catch to make. A lot of wr's wouldn't have made that catch. It was super high and he jumped all 40 inches of his vertical to just get a hand on it. I know ppl look for reasons to what coulda woulda shoulda been but the truth of the matter is that was not an easy ball to say he shoulda or coulda made that catch. Then add to the fact he was at a bad angle because the ball was going over his head. It was amazing to get a hand on it. P
  2. Then, when he was done putting the rest of the running back class to shame in agility drills, McCaffrey did wide receiver drills. And dominated those, too. Maybe the only thing that didn’t go right for McCaffrey on Friday was that his shirt had his name spelled wrong (McCaffery). McCaffrey has been considered a fringe first-round pick, while Cook and Fournette have been battling to be the first running back off the board. But McCaffrey’s big showing in Indianapolis, coupled with Fournette’s disappointing one, could mean the Stanford running back starts getting more of the attention he thinks he deserves. Not when necessary my man. No hard feelings. I like McCaffery. I've yet to say one negative thing about him. And I'm a RB guy. I love good RB's so I give him his props. My only thing was you don't trade a freeman still on his rookie contract for an unknown rookie that's all. That's a Cleveland browns type move. Especially cause you'd be taking away a team leader and a great locker room presence for a rookie. I hope he does well. I just don't think we trade freeman for him which was asked. I did say if he's there at 31 and we take him still don't trade free but he's probably replace ward. Can't see him jumping Coleman nor free but would make our backfield that much more dangerous.
  3. We'll see. I don't think mcaffery has the footwork free has. I'm not talking about speed and attributes. I'm talking about sheer footwork. That's the difference between the 2 I don't see similarities and in the NFL it makes all the difference. When ibsay footwork I'm talking about to the hole and setting up blocks etc...ala Leveon Bell, Marshall Faulk, Emmitt Smith, Ladanian Tomlinson, Barry Sanders. I don't see that in Mcaffery going to the hole. He has shake n bake but that little nuance free has with footwork I don't see in Christian. Its also a secret sauce for playing corner. Guys look at 40 times and hips but it's the footwork that separates the greats for the rest. Deion had extremely great footwork, Sherman has it, tru has it, Alford didn't at first and it's why he would get beat. Again, don't misunderstand me I think he'll be good. But there's an element I don't see in him that I see in free. He can work on it tho if he gets a rb coach that notices that or he himself studies the footwork of top backs. You'd be surprised how many guys don't pay attention to their footwork.
  4. Jared Payton had the bloodline too. Sweetness bloodline at that. McCaffery was a beast at the combine but again with backs the combine monster doesn't always translate on an NFL football field. For one because he won't be able to outrun NFL linebackers all day long. Tye speed is different. It's not about numbers it's about vision and footwork and knowing HOW to run. Emmitt smith ran a 4.8 but you still couldn't catch him easily. Little Nuances like getting small to fit thru tiny creases. A lot of backs would've missed that hole in the second saints game that free broke. That's vision that many including Coleman don't have. I think he'll be good but trade free for him? Absolutely not.
  5. If he's there at 31 I doubt we take him but if we did we let ward go and make him the 3rd string back. We don't trade free for him. At all!!
  6. I don't think so either. And I think he's good but don't know if he'll be what free is at the NFL level.
  7. Exactly. Why would ppl want yo trade what helped get you to a SB. It's like when we lost most of our talent in 13 and guys thinking we'd get back to the playoffs. HOW!!! We didn't field the same team. Bottom line is there's things free can do that not many in the league can do. Like it ir not these are facts. I like what ncaffery did in COLLEGE but I would NEVER trade a top back for an unknown draftee. That's just dumb. That's a Cleveland brown type of move.
  8. I don't think he'll be better than free and I wouldn't trade free for him either. If we wanna get back to the SB we have to keep our core players intact. The pats let players go but not the core. Free is part of our core. We will not be the same team if we let free go. Mcaffery is good but I'm not gonna say he'll be better than free ever was. Especially as a rookie. We lose some leadership in the RB group. That's a trigger I dont pull. If mcaffery fell to us and we took him cool but I wouldn't trade free for him. Mcaffery would be our 3rd stringer. He'd jump no one in our backfield. He'd replace ward. We haven't seen if his talent actually translates to the NFL yet to trade a known factor if our offense. Bad move
  9. Ed was that X factor guy. Unpredictable and always ready for battle. Definitely tough as they come. This is probably the 1st time I've ever felt a son could be better than his father. Well besides the manning brothers but they were on much better teams than Archie. The bloodline cousins could exceed their fathers but McCaffery just gives me that feeling from the door he can be better than his dad.
  10. He was a FB that ran the ball a lot. We used him kinda like Miami used Larry Zonka.
  11. William Andrews was the best FB we ever had
  12. Fellas this is how we become a great team. We did it in 2011 and almost went to the SB. We did it last year and went to the SB. This shows dedication to winning and the team. I love this