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  1. If all the evidence shows that he's innocent, then they really should desire to produce him before the draft. The unknown can be just as dangerous as being guilty. Just look at La'el Collins.
  2. Uhh, that's what he already faced last year lol, plus Peppers I guess? You're fighting a losing battle here if you're really trying to argue that adding Peppers, is a bigger leap than us adding Poe, and our defense made half of rookies, being 2nd year players now
  3. Lol, If we were going to do a Julio trade for a safety, I can guarantee you that it'd be for Malik Hooker, not Adams.
  4. One of the things which TD has said, is that an unexpected benefit of the Julio trade, is that teams see the Falcons every year as, as you said, "open for business." It resulted in teams being far more open and interested in setting up possible trades with us, and actually calling us to know if there was any player that we really wanted, and might give them something to trade down, so we could get them. Of course, I fully believe that whatever TD tells them about who we like is a half truth at best.
  5. Nah, Ike's a regular down in Draft&FA. We've been raggin on him for his, shall we say, "dedicated?" love for Harris all offseason. It's cool, just messin with a good poster
  6. There's truth in everything. Are the Falcons calling about trade ups? Yeah, of course they are. ****, TD already said as much in their presser, that they were gauging options for trading up. It's the stuff about them being locked into one prospect that I throw shade on. Once again going back to the presser, TD was also very clear that nothing is decided yet. You make these calls in advance so you can know what each team would charge for the move. Then, at each round, and each interval, you look at who's there, and then decide if that particular player is worth that price to you, to move up.
  7. Nah man, I'm just sick of hearing about this guy, and about how he's amazing for x and z reason, and why he can all these different positions for us. Like I said, he's this year's Gurley/Clowney. He's the most hyped/talked about player on this board, and seeing him defined as "underrated" just made me turn my head, and go "what?"
  8. There's also plenty of people that are saying he's the next great thing. That's saying that b/c some people might be underrating him, that he's being underrated by the MB. He's plenty hyped on this MB. If anything, with all the love that he gets, he's overrated, but he sure as **** isn't under. That's nonsense. You can say that he's underrated by some I guess, but certainly not by the board.
  9. These guys have agents this early for a reason. They've been tested. It's not like these tests are super expensive or can only be done by NFL doctors. Their agents know exactly what's in their system, and also how long until it won't be. Maybe these explanations are true, but it wouldn't surprise if they weren't either.
  10. Lol, no, absolutely not. That is utterly ridiculous. Peppers is arguably the most hyped, talked about prospect on these boards. The guy is almost in Gurley territory, he's so loved. Just b/c every single person on the board doesn't agree that he's the next big thing, does not qualify him as underrated. Calling him "underrated" is nonsense.
  11. IMO, the smokescreen of moving up, is actually just itself covering up yet another smokescreen which is itself us moving up
  12. Where's Gritz with the funeral casket image when you need him?
  13. As far as Alford, I have no idea. That was way too long ago for me to go and try and find some report of our interest in him. Last year though, we definitely had reports of interest in the prospects whom we drafted.