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  1. Walter football's list is only a list of those that have been reported on, and it's incomplete/weak, caused by his lack of focus on just our team. Don't waste your time with Walter. Just read the pinned thread in NFLDraft&FA.
  2. http://www.scout.com/college/washington/story/1762151-uw-pro-day-joe-mathis OK, so Mathis is going to do a public workout on either April 10 or 15 He will also be going back to Indianapolis for the medical rechecks in April, which, best I can tell, do not have a set date yet, so likely which date is chosen will depend on when the rechecks take place, as I assume that he'll do his workout after he checks out.
  3. In our first two seasons under Quinn, we haven't gone offense in the first 70 picks. I'm betting this draft will be the same. I expect Edge in round 1, with LB or S in round 2, and then OT, and whichever wasn't taken in round 2, splitting the picks in rounds 3 and 4.
  4. We've been scouting late/undrafted ranked OL like crazy, giving them private workouts, and even bringing some in for visits. Most of these guys are highly athletic, and fit our scheme to a T. The more that I see these types of reports, the more that I become convinced that we're not taking OL until very late, day 3 at the earliest, and maybe not until Plan D. The notable exception here is OT. We have none, and have looked at players who we might take in round 3 or 4.
  5. That's the thing. His mocks are just one guy's opinion, and certainly not someone who's an expert. Charlie Campbell is actually the one that does all the "insider" and "rumor" stuff for them, not Walter, so his are a bit better, but not much. If you're going to read a mock from just some random guy, then you might as well just read the ones on here. They matter just as much in the long run, and at least the ones on here aren't made by someone who has all but admitted that he hates our team.
  6. Banner is the exact opposite of what we want in a ZBS OL. We won't go anywhere near him, even if he goes undrafted.
  7. Reading his mocks are a waste of time imo. He's doesn't understand a thing about us, nor does he wish to. Though, imo, most mocks aren't worth reading either. The only one I even really care about each year is Mayock's right before the draft.
  8. Just a random thought, but if he's on here, reading this crap, doesn't that mean he's a Falcons fan?
  9. Does anyone know if he's working out prior to the draft? He sat out the combine, I believe b/c of injury, and then sat out their pro day as well, I assume for the same reason.
  10. OG? Sure, yeah, I agree with you OT? I dunno Davenport's going in the 4th at latest, and may not last that long. Our 3rd is only a couple picks before the 4th, so you could see us taking an OT right before the close of day 2. I agree though that I really don't think they're taking an interior OL before day 3, and maybe not at all. I bet we go defense in both round one and round two.
  11. Lol, if we take him, Kayoh should have to print out the post/tweet, frame it like Davis said, and go to TC and get him to sign it.
  12. Daaaaamn Lol I had no idea guys were actually on here reading this ****. Hey Davis, ain't nothin personal alright man?