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  1. If you're talking about the aforementioned 1yr contracts, then he still can. For all we know, the two sides have already discussed it. I'm still hoping that we can induct him into the ROH before our first home game in the new stadium.
  2. You can't use that to describe Vick, at least not accurately. By his own admission, he only tried when he felt like it, and gave little to no effort during some very important games. Vick is (or at least was when he was a Falcon) the kind of player who Quinn would've released or traded, since he doesn't tolerate players who don't give their all. I'll agree that he was an amazing athlete though.
  3. That's why sentences can be reduced after they've been issued. It shouldn't affect the initial ruling or certainly not the trial itself. Note, I'm not saying per se that it happened in this case, just that it shouldn't. If Tom Hanks kills a man, he shouldn't get less of a sentence for being Tom Hanks.
  4. Oh no, that's fine. Like I said, I have no issue whatsoever to you thinking that 2 years is enough. To each his own. I just thought that it's a bad idea to give a rich person less of a sentence than a poor person, using money lost as compensation for lack of jail time. How much money that one has shouldn't effect sentencing, even though I know that it often does.
  5. I'm not sure about this. How can we count the money and image lost as being lost compensation vs jail time for a celebrity? To me, that sets and awful precedent, that if you have more money to lose than you should lose that rather than get jail time. It says that the poor man should get more jail time, b/c he has less money. Money should be meaningless here. Justice is supposed to be blind remember? Everyone should get punished according to the crime, rich or not.
  6. While I tend to agree with the last part, to be fair, we aren't talking ROH here (at least not yet). We're just talking about retiring a Falcon, and actually, players do this all the time, regardless of their skill level,
  7. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm sure some on here will say that Vick is/was (or both) a POS and that they hate the idea. I'm sure that plenty others will go full on Holier than thou, and proclaim their great power of "forgiveness" and lord over everyone else. Personally, I'm in neither category. On the one hand, to say that what he did to this franchise is/was "unforgivable" would not be unfair. Everyone has their own way of dealing with being hurt by others, and what happened there and its effects was about as putrid as you could really get. On the other hand, I've always said that there's really no way for someone to "wrong" the fans per se. The whole thing about players "owing" the fans is a very grey area imo. There's also, admittedly, a very strong argument to be made in favor of Vick's "reformation" since this has all occurred. Whether you agree with those details as they are presented, is up to the individual person, and I don't think that either side (agree or disagree) is necessarily "wrong" there. As should be clear via my above statements, I really only find fault, not in those who hold these opinions, but really in those who are extreme in holding them, and try to "force" them on others, and/or lording them over people. My personal stance on Vick, is very simple and longstanding, and it's the same stance that I've taken in regard to the SB. It's over. Thinking about Vick, brings up nothing but bad memories. As such, I much prefer to just not think about him at all. I neither hate him, nor like him. Bad memories come up, sure, but I have no ill feelings of sadness or hate toward the man personally. I've moved on. It is what it is. As far as whether he should be allowed to retire a Falcon? Well, I'm just glad that I'm not the one making that decision. No, that call will be being made by people with far more experience in such things, and I will (whether we wish to or not) concede to their (hopefully lol) better judgment. I only hope that whatever decision Blank makes, he does so after careful thought into the matter, b/c there likely will be no changing it.
  8. I understand the concept. For most of these out of country guys, the idea has always been that the learning curve is just too great, compared to all these other guys who have been playing American Football for years. They come over. and have all of one offseason to try and learn the game, while also having to compete on a 90 man roster of guys who can already do most of this. The mass majority of out of country players who enter 90 man rosters over the summer, and try to stick, don't make it to a practice squad. I suppose that the idea here, is to give these 4 a locked in spot on their respective practice squads and to see if having a year to learn the system will really make it that much easier to make a team's roster the following year. My guess is that if this is viewed as a success, then the NFL will implement this league wide, with 32 out of country players every year getting an 11th spot on a practice squad, then trying for a roster the next year. It's simultaneously a way of giving these types of players a "fair" shot in the sport, while also making it easier for the NFL to appeal to global audiences.
  9. So for all you Kiwis throwing up over this, keep in mind, we didn't pick him. Quinn didn't choose this kid. He was assigned to us, by the NFL. Given that, I'd give his chances of making the roster (next year, since he's ineligible for this year) between slim and none.
  10. OK, I see what you're talking about. So no, we didn't actually "sign" him. That part is misleading. He can't even join the team until the regular season, and is ineligible to be activated during the season. http://www.nfluk.com/news/specialfeatures/article-1/Four-international-players-land-NFL-practice-squad-spots/ba891f8f-9c97-43e2-bc05-56c9e2256c85?sf81882108=1
  11. Impossible There is no practice squad to sign players to, not until after the regular season begins. Edit: Now seen the article in question; addressed in posts below
  12. It only keeps teams from being kept to a set number. You'll likely still see some cuts ahead of game 4, just b/c there will be players who the coaches don't see the need to get another look at, as well as veterans who are released early to give them more chance latching on with another team.
  13. It really has to do with this particular poster so constantly resorting to personal attacks, that not many on this board are willing to just laugh at him, but rather take offense to his general dickishness. They feel more inclined to destroy him, then point and laugh. The idiot's only funny until he hauls off and punches you. Me personally, I've seen his shtick so many times, that I've become more or less jaded to it. It is what it is.