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  1. This was from a poster (Woola) on 247 about what the draft tells at the state of UGA. I think he has many valid points. "Bama 10 players drafted, 9 in the first 3 rounds LSU 8 players drafted, 3 in first round Florida 8 players drafted, 5 in the first three rounds Tennesss 6 players drafted, none later than the fourth round Texas A&M 5 players drafted, 3 in first three rounds Auburn 4 players drafted Georgia 1, Isaiah McKenzie in fifth round What does this say? 1) It doesn't matter if they're seniors or juniors, what matters is that the NFL thinks X players on a given team are good enough to play at the next level. 2) Georgia would have done "better" if Chubb, Michel, Bellamy and Carter had decided to go out as juniors, with 4-5 drafted, but so what? That ain't good enough to come close to LSU, Florida or Auburn. Basically, what the NFL said the past two days is that half of Alabama's starting 22 were good enough to play in their league. Georgia? Well, we like your little fella for special teams. 3) Kirby wasn't lying to you when he arrived and said, "Ohmigod, there aren't that many good players here." 4) What happened with the 2013 class was devastating for Georgia. A typical NFL draft for UGA was 5-7 drafted. Out of the 33 that came to Georgia, how many? Zero. McKenzie's a junior with bad grades, remember. That lost class, as much as anything, cost Richt his job. 5) These are not Kirby's players. In fact, they weren't anybody's players because the bulk were long gone by the time Smart was named head coach. There weren't many around to develop for good or ill. 6) Do you expect Vanderbilt to regularly beat Alabama or LSU? Of course not. Based on what the NFL draft tells us, we should have lost a number of games to teams we shouldn't because our upper classes were bereft of talent. Guess what we did! "We lost to Vanderbilt and Tech!" Yep, that's what Vanderbilt and Miss State and others do in the conference. Not only do they lost to Bama, they also lose to each other too. You don't finish 5-7 or thereabouts losing only to the top drawer teams. Take it from someone whose wife dragged him to Vanderbilt games as a season ticket holder for four years when Franklin was there and before -- Vanderbilt excels at losing weirdly. I once saw Vandy driving to beat Arkansas, with a huge lead on the scoreboard, only a few yards from the TD at the top of the 4th quarter that would have made a Hog comeback impossible, lose. How? Well, they gave the ball to Stacy their most dependable RB, a humban bowling ball. He fumbled. Arkansas scooped and scored going 90 yards the other way and the improbably comebacks was on. "We are not Vanderbilt or Miss State or Mizzou!" Not usually, but that 2013 class put us there for a year or two. Good news: the rising juniors, sophomores and incoming frosh ARE more than good enough as a group. 7) This will still be a young team, but a much more talented one in 2017. It is critical for Kirby to show vast improvement this season. Why? Because recruits are taking a wait and see stance. They love our coaches, Athens and UGA, but they want to be shown it's not smoke and mirrors. For the eleventy-billionth time, this will be a late breaking class. 8) My advice: The next time you're tempted to rag on Chaney or Kirby or the water boy for poor play in 2016, remember that 8-5 was preordained and baked in on signing day 2013, not in summer camp in 2016."
  2. UDFA Mo to Dolphins Catalina to Redskins Kublanow to Ravens Mauger to Falcons
  3. Well maybe they can land this guy. Just offered. https://mobile.twitter.com/_Azeez_8/status/857340887835258881
  4. Welp Wow. What the heck has happened since NSD. I thought Cox was a strong lean just a short time ago.
  5. Ugh! Not looking good. Kipp = OSU, Jake = OSU, Rusty changed to foggy... We lose him it's going to be a gut punch... http://247sports.com/PlayerInstitution/Brenton-Cox-at-Stockbridge-177661/CurrentExpertPredictions
  6. Just lovely. http://georgia.247sports.com/Bolt/Report-UGA-signee-arrested-in-Athens-52438213
  7. Sorry this just doesn't do much after the decommit today
  8. Hey we got a kicker commit. Probably better than specs. http://georgia.247sports.com/Bolt/Dawgs-land-2018-in-state-prospect-52432605
  9. Let's hope it's al about them Dawgs.
  10. Nothing to see here folks move along. If you have a question Talk to the Coke.
  11. From Kipp Adams on 247 Kirby Smart has already said that sophomore and returning starting quarterback Jacob Easonis being "challenged" by true freshman Jake Fromm. On 680 the Fan's The Front Row Wednesday, Smart was asked if the media makes too much of a potential position battle between the two. "It is always a competition," Smart said. "But I cannot say he is better than him or has passed him. That is not the case. Jacob is ahead of Jake. But what Jake has done so well is sit in the meeting room and answer questions that boom he knows the answer right now. He takes notes. "He drives the price sky-high." It appears that Smart is suggesting that Eason is mainly being pushed by Fromm in the film room, similar to what SEC Network analyst and fellow former Bulldog Matt Stinchcomb said this week. "The standard is being set by him, and Jacob is having to keep up with that," Smart said. Now, performance on the field, Jake is doing a good job, Jacob is doing well. Jacob has gotten a lot better, but I think Jake Fromm has had a lot to do with that." Smart was then asked if Eason should have come in last year with the same mindset that Fromm has so far. "Easy to say that," Smart said. "They are two different people. You don't judge those guys by what they do because they are both different. That is Jake's strong point."
  12. This is done by Monkdawg. If you've ever ventured to 247 and read up on the bball team posts he has the most insightful ones. This is his blog on the Banquet. http://georgiabasketballblog.com/uga-mens-basketball-banquet/
  13. Love the paper idea Kirby used. Pretty good article. http://www.espn.com/blog/sec/post/_/id/128698/kirby-smart-more-comfortable-in-year-2-with-georgia