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  1. So, you think it's reasonable for you to post in someone's mock "taking [insert safety] ruins this whole draft. There's no way we're going safety early, it'd only be a marginal upgrade over Allen," which you've done for multiple people, paraphrased. Does it follow that it's reasonable for someone to say your whole mock is trash in a sentence or two with little to no explanation, as you do to others, while saying Williams is barely an upgrade to Allen? After all, he's unproven, there's no guarantee he'll be better, and you've been singing the praises of what Allen does well that makes drafting pretty much any safety (besides the one you like) a waste. Why is your opinion so much more valuable than other peoples' that you think it's reasonable to say drafting anyone from a position group that isn't Williams invalidates a draft? You seriously don't see the arrogance there?
  2. No, the arrogance is short, unpunctuated responses dismissing other people's mocks with the justification that taking a safety early is stupid and then, well, this. Opinions are what literally everyone else has and you dismiss entirely while acting above them.
  3. My point is more that it's your opinion that Williams is a huge upgrade, and many other people think other safeties are huge upgrades as well. And honestly, the argument many people have for taking a safety this year is that it's a stacked class with tons of guys that could be huge upgrades. You've pretty much been like "don't even consider safety because Allen is solid" when other people think other prospects would be a big upgrade, and your argument now is that Williams (who I really like) is a good first round pick because...he's a big upgrade. I'm not hating on the pick. I'm saying that you've posted in MULTIPLE people's mock drafts saying they were terrible for drafting a safety early, so this comes off as really...arrogant, I guess?
  4. So in other words, yes, your reasoning is "I like this guy so it's okay"
  5. I've apparently been very impolite lately. Just don't need to be on forums rn
  6. I thought the article was pretty atrocious tbh. The writer pretty much admitted he didn't know what he was talking out. And I guess I have a hard time seeing Willis translate his athleticism on the field.
  7. Little confused. Weren't you adamant that we didn't need to spend a high pick on safety? And then you take one in the first? Not even upset, I'd love if we went safety early and I really like Williams. Just trying to understand your thought process behind knocking other people specifically for taking a safety early beyond just "I like this guy so it's okay"
  8. He feels like a Steeler for sure.
  9. You brought Miller up dude. Not me. That was my third post, and in the same post I said they weren't the same player.
  10. I didn't start off comparing Reddick to Miller at all. As a matter of fact, the only time Miller got brought up was by you in regards to size, which is a little goofy since Miller is KNOWN for being undersized, and the only reason I even made note of that was because I thought size comparisons were silly. I said in the very same post I wouldn't compare them. Are you thinking of someone else?
  11. Uh...I'm actually confused on what you're even trying to say. First post...said he had "it," you said he isn't Mack. Second post, said I never said he was Mack and just think he'll be great. You somehow take that and say he isn't built to be a primary pass rusher. Third, I again say I never said he was and just think he'll be a great SAM for us (mostly played by Wheeler and Reed, despite the Beasley info, dude mostly played nickel pass rusher). Again, you go on about him not being built to be a pure pass rusher for us, which I never said he would be, but rather I think he'd be a SAM in 4-3 under base or a LB with Debo or edge rusher in Nickel. I'm...not even arguing with you? All I've been saying is he'll be a great player and you're caught on this pass rusher thing, but I didn't even say "pass rusher" until my last post, and even then it'd be super situational on some Nickel downs. Where's this pure pass rusher thing coming from?
  12. Proportionally, 6'1 and 237 isn't far off from the 6'3 246 Miller came out as, but I digress. People are obsessed with comparisons, and people tried to tell me over and over Debo was too small to be our MLB when I wanted him as well. "6'1 and 222? Too light in the pants to be the middle, maybe a WLB or SS." I think a lot of people try to compare too much and overvalues tiny size differences, but we'll see. Also never said he would be Mack, Miller, or Shazier, just that he was going to be great and his own player lmao. I think he could be an elite SAM and nickel pass rusher for us.
  13. He isn't Mack, but Mack isn't Reddick either. He's going to be great.
  14. Reddick has it.
  15. I was agreeing with him