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  1. Shanghai said it himself, 90% of people are idiots. Ignoring that it's a made up stat the narcissist is using to try and lord himself over everyone - since yes, everyone thinks his threads are terrible - odds are great that by his own logic, he's just another idiot making idiotic threads. Anyways, just wanted to drop in and say I considered naming my dog Lucy. After both Lucifer and LSD, which I had a problem with for a while. The idea was that I was dedicating a part of my life to her now, so she was replacing those harmful things with something beautiful. After I'd met her a few times, I went with Winona/Winnie, but the point stands. Maybe he did have something in his past after all, but imo, the dude is exemplary till proven otherwise. I love the dude and he'll be a great Falcon.
  2. This is impressively bad, even by your low posting standards.
  3. Mesmerizing
  4. Lot of folks with no military background who won't get it, but I love it.
  5. Eh, whatever. Athletes get paid more and get away with more. Shoot, just look at Takk, and we (rightfully) love the guy. She never goes out of her way to attack anyone.
  6. I like Jeanna personally. Takes her job seriously and is really well informed - both things we could use for our Falcons beatwriter tbh. I'd take Jeanna over DLed every day.
  7. High motor is in no way equivalent to calling someone a thug. That's some straight ********. One is a compliment and the other is used to condemn without reason, and you know it. Black kids have died with the excuse of being "thugs" and you want to compare that to "high motor?" HelI, they call Takk high motor all the time. It's funny you mention "others" being thin skinned, because your post screams of suburban white dude playing the victim. And I'm white too, so don't try to pop off on what I'm saying somehow being racist, when really it's just calling out bull. Either way, this conversation doesn't belong in TATF. So dropping it.
  8. Idk why a couple people are getting offended by this. Lily white can just mean boring, stereotypical, or "conventional," they're saying Riley is unconventional. It'd be like getting offended for saying Takk "has a dark side."
  9. Yep. It's about recognition and breaking on the ball...though speed certainly helps.
  10. I'm sick of this SuperBowl being brought up Like, legitimately sick. Every time it gets brought up I just cringe and lose whatever appetite I might have had. Please, just let's leave this behind us. It's a ******* nightmare.
  11. He manages the cap nothing like Loomis.
  12. Seriously? I mean, I love the dude, but this class was stacked
  13. Lmao, yet you tried to say Curtis's drops and many examples of awful hands were nitpicking (which I think is true, he has questionable catching form and coordination but can hold onto the ball typically). You're acting like a fool dude. Gratz on an awful draft and paying 10 mil to an OL who wouldn't even start on most teams. Will enjoy sweeping you again this year. Don't feel like playing nice with the many, many examples of hypocrisy lately. You're still totally welcome here but this is just one of several recent reaches.
  14. He is about it and has already more than proven himself - not like he needs to prove himself to anyone on a message board anyways.