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  1. there is an IR, its called the NO TRADE LIST.
  2. i didnt ask. i recall mentioning trying to date an asian girl,l but there were breathe issues.
  3. I will wrassle him, but its GODGERS style or nothing at all. dude was cheese
  4. Durant is nice as ****. im convinced this series, win or lose will solidify him as the #1 nba talent.
  5. BO IS RIGHT, I WAS BOOTED OUT OF SILLY CHAT CLUB. WHAT HAPPENED IS I GOT A NEW BLACKBERRY and asked for the password. I was given the following response. Like a college rejection letter. "we regret to inform you, that your application for the password to the chat club has been denied. There was a vote, and we have decided you do not qualify as one of us." it wasnt that big of a deal, but the vote thingy will be denied, but there was a roudtable on my admission. HILARITY. just tell a Trigga No next time.... so yes BO, the SEATS TAKEN........ i forgot all about the chat rommy thingy. **** that had to be a good while ago, it involved blackberry phone........ the rest of what swift said is more than likely true. i aint read it yet
  6. no way am i playing with yall grease balls again. COUNT ME OUT
  7. Bron has been the MAN, for a while now. and NOW KD is in the argument. no one else realistically in the argument
  8. i not making the argument, im saying there is an Argument. Its the argument that makes the case for KD.
  9. 3 games=100points, NO?
  10. there are now NBA stilettos.
  11. how many GAMES has bron played in THESE playoffs. maybe why he has the most?
  12. mya is a winner. trig is a sinner
  13. just to think it was like a year or 2 ago, some fool was arguing Brandon Roy was better than KD, and now there is a legitimately good argument that KD is the boss of the league.
  14. been there done that, had a supreme trade vetoed, still made to playoffs
  15. if C nasty join, i hope they vote to boot you out.